Apple’s RealityPro: The Metaverse’s Future is Here with the Next-Gen Mixed Reality Headset

We all know Apple for its genuine authenticity of products that revolutionize our lives. From iPods to iPhones, the tech revolution from the company has always been appealing. As a result, the company has recently started branching out to diversify its portfolio and is investing in various devices and technologies.

The most notable are the plans to rival tesla with a new electric vehicle and, recently, its plans to create a game-changing Metaverse headset.

Apples Metaverse Plans

The media has been keeping a close eye on developments at Apple for their new Metaverse ambitions. A new report suggests that the Media is right in pursuing this story, with Apple planning to build a high-end mixed reality device.

The device will combine the best of both worlds in augmented and virtual reality. According to the report, the new experience will be more immersive as the company builds AR-specific devices in the future.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to release the device in the spring, likely before the firm’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Bloomberg investigators suggest that the device could see a late 2023 release and believe the device is called “RealityPro.”

The digital news outlet also believes the gear will be very costly, possibly costing upwards of $2000 per piece. Either way, the price should zoom past Meta’s new mixed-reality device, which costs around $1500.

How the Gear Works

If Meta’s device is anything to go by, RealityPro should provide amazing mixed-reality experiences more powerful than devices currently on the market. Mixed reality headsets work by superimposing digital images and information onto the user’s view of the real world.

These devices typically use a combination of cameras, sensors, and sophisticated software to track the user’s movements and position in space and to adjust the digital images accordingly. The result is a seamless blend of the real and virtual worlds, which end-users and developers can use for various applications, such as gaming, design, education, and more.

According to the earlier report, the gear contains tiny OLED screens strategically placed on each eye. This technology will overlay images of the surroundings at an outstanding 8k resolution. In addition, two inward cameras facing the eyes will help overlay the users’ eyes into the Meta-worlds, creating a visually stimulating experience.

According to The Information, the gear will look like skiing gear and pair to a set of batteries around the user’s waist. “The Information” also says that the first generation of gadgets will feature Apple’s M2 processor, a new type of processor that dissipates heat easily and does not need a cooling fan.

If Apple delivers as promised, this technology will be a game changer for the industry, and the wild possibilities of the Metaverse may become a reality.

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