Behavioral Engineer Says Metaverse No Longer Exist

While it looks remarkable in theory, the concept of the metaverse offers escapism to be limited on the behalf of human biology, as per Nils Pihl (a behavioral engineer). He added that this technology contains an augmented reality with which human lives will get revolutionized.

He added that it is language is also augmented reality and with the use of words, we perceive diverse things in our imaginations even if they do not exist in front of us. In his words, this use of language assists humans to interact and perceive the world in diverse ways. This is the reason, as per him, behind the continuous evolution of language and AR’s advancement.

He is of the view that the technology of augmented reality will bring revolution to the living manners of humans with the incorporation of another layer to communication via contact lenses, smart glasses, or possibly a neural interface making the idea of wearable or handheld devices redundant.

Behavioral Engineer Says the Metaverse Existed Once but Does Not Exist Now

He moved further in his argument and mentioned that the online world showed a lot of progress in the latter part of the 90s.

He asserted that the respective time offered a different place, letting people go to chat rooms and have a digital identity without bothering about gender and skin color. Pihl specified that in the 2000s’ early phase a metaverse existed however it is no more at present.

That was the time, as per Pihl, when just text was sufficient to make someone feel his/her presence in the world of digital technology.

He moved on to say that the respective feeling did not remain the same after the advent of social media. As a result, the behavior patterns of humans regarding the internet were changed to a great extent as it is not chiefly utilized for the presence currently, turning into asynchronous communication.

Facebook Played Chief Role to Destroy the Concept for Which It Is Struggling Hard Now, Says Pihl

The behavioral engineer pointed out that, in this way, Facebook has played a prominent role in dumping what it is presently struggling to regenerate a unique vision.

Pihl moved on to sum up the discussion on the question of whether people intend to enhance the world to which they belong or whether they intend to escape from it. In his conclusion, Pihl emphasized that the answer is that humans have a biological necessity to be a part of the real world.

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