Can Hollywood Debut Hold Decentraland (MANA) Above $1?

Decentraland (MANA) has become the leading Metaverse project within the crypto world as market players invest and build in the digital space. Now Ridley Scott’s movie wants to explore the project’s potential. Such a move would reveal the significant value of Decentraland.

Decentraland and Its Hollywood Debut

The announcement revealed the cryptocurrency film The Infinite Machine introducing Metaverse as one of the steps to launch the film’s NFTs. Meanwhile, the ‘Infinite Machine’ will launch its 3rd NFT issuing round in the coming months. It is the first non-fungible token-finance film.

The moviemakers (Versus) and Decentraland agreement revealed the Metaverse ecosystem would partake in the activity. That meant developing and integrating the NFTs into the virtual world by Decentraland.

That means an enormous deal for token holders and Metaverse investors. Quick expansion by this digital would see them gaining a lot.

Metaverse and related tokens have seen bearishness lately due to plunging markets. Moreover, the lack of faith by investors that attempted to prevent more losses worsened the situation.

MANA has retained consistent selling sentiments, and sellers gained momentum over the past couple of days. That’s due to the slight fall the alt saw after the 61% upswings following the May 11 crash.

These three days saw investors selling MANA worth $13 million to crypto exchanges. However, the token recovered within 72hrs, gaining 17.88%. That had Decentraland exploring price levels beyond $1.

Nevertheless, conditions within the spot market saw the metaverse project resuming its downside streak. Such developments saw LAND plot prices declining to $5,333, representing the lowest numbers Decentraland has recorded since inception.

That impacted the overall sales value, with LAND parcels accumulating $1.96 million in May, down from the $8.9 million January peak. Deteriorated prices contributed to such readings, as plots sold are higher than in previous months.

Thus, only treatment within the Metaverse can fix the damage in the Metaverse world. MANA can achieve that through Decentraland’s movie relationship.

On the other side, the crypto market saw a slight decline within the previous day. The cumulative value of all digital tokens stood at $1.30, losing 0.58% within the past day.

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