Can the ZK-ETH Compatibility Help Polygon (MATIC) Stretch Winning Streak?

Polygon has been in progress into scaling ETH since its arrival with enhanced speed and substantially reduced gas fees. Every journey has its challenges. The problem wherein ZK smart contracts restrict users as the contracts are expensive & slow. And incompatible with Ethereum’s code means an enormous issue. Nevertheless, Polygon plans to use the ZKEVM to fix the matter.

Polygon Makes ZK ETH Compatible

The Ethereum compatibility will mean developers building on Polygon ZKEVM. That means using Polygon as one would when utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Creators on Polygon ZKEVM can use any ETH tooling and smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum chain.

That would allow individuals to capitalize on Ethereum’s capabilities at lower charges and increased speed. While that represents the initial move by Polygon, the primary question is how the development will impact the project. Would the surged demand that ZKEVM can potentially offer benefit users? Let us dig deeper.

Polygon is among the leaders in completing transactions faster and cheaper. Though transactions currently cost more than 260 Gwei, that’s far inexpensive than using Ethereum. That’s due to MATIC’s base fees and not Ethers, and as the alt trades at $0.86, the gas fees will remain low.

For now, MATIC explores massive recoveries, recording a 117% surge from its lows until a couple of days ago. However, the alternative token has noted a 9% drop within the past week. And that came from massive buying momentum that saw MATIC exhibiting overbought conditions.

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) confirms that as it crosses the 80 shackles. While the alt cools, it can rebound from the support at $0.742 and climb towards the $1 value area. For now, MATIC enjoys a lucrative state in nearly three months, with investors moving assets worth over $40.77 in profit. This strength would prove beneficial for investors as Polygon reveals more efforts.

Also, overall market sentiment remains critical in MATIC price action. The market remains somewhat promising as Bitcoin steadies beyond $22K. While publishing this content, BTC traded at $22,719.28, with a slight 0.40% overnight gain.

It remains crucial to witness upcoming trends. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the crypto space.

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