Car Manufacturer Ford Intends To Step Into the World Of Metaverse and NFTs

Ford Motor Company, an American car designer organization, is a unique brand getting ready to enter into the universe of non-fungible tokens and Metaverse. It has submitted the request to design nineteen exclusive trademark applications, dealing with different models and brands of its cars.

Ford Moves ahead for Metaverse with NFTs as well as Virtual Automobiles

A trade attorney certified by the United States Patent and Trade Office, Mike Kondoudis, posted a tweet to report on Wednesday that Ford had submitted a filing for almost nineteen apps for its car models such as F-150 Lightning, Mustang, Explorer, Lincoln, Bronco, and others. These trademark applications deal with vans, trucks, cars, and SUVs for their different models as well as to create an online NFT marketplace.

As per the documents submitted on the behalf of Ford on the 2nd of September, the car manufacturing platform has a strategy to formulate merely downloadable content like videos, audios, and artworks featured on their automobiles like vans, cars, and SUVs, whose authenticity can be validated through NFTs.

It has been announced by the company that it is planning to create downloadable virtual products like computer programs characterizing parts of vehicles, adornments, and outfits to be utilized in an online virtual space comprising of online trade events carried out in virtual reality. Another concept is related to generating a website or online retail store to publicize others’ digital artworks, digital collectibles, and NFTs.

Several Employees Eliminated by Ford from Its Workforce

This decision is witnessed not more than a month after the declaration made by Bill Ford (the Executive Chairman of Ford) and Jim Farley (the CEO of the company) that a large number of people working in the organizations were being expelled to minimize the company’s expenses. Ford was not the only car firm that joined the Metaverse.

Stylish and expensive car manufacturing companies like Lamborghini and Bentley have launched NFT collections in advance. In addition to this, Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan, are the other automobile venues that are also stepping forward to flourish in the swiftly developing Metaverse world.

Ford requested to formulate digital applications for describing its forthcoming endeavors in the world of NFTs and Metaverse. Although the crypto market has been going through a downturn for a considerable period, these NFT and Metaverse-related endeavors by the worldwide giants signify a promising future.

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