“We Are Guardians of AML & KYC Policy”, Says COO of Broker CTmatador

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[London, UK], [5 May 2022] – Undoubtedly, CTmatador, is having a blast because since its official launch, there hasn’t been a single day when there are no less than thousand new registrations. However, the increased number of registrations haven’t been able to affect the platform’s ability to function properly. So far the things are going as planned, as has been claimed by senior official of the broker.

“We want to make sure that our crypto oriented investors can have the opportunities of trading in assets which they like the most like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc”

Jay Pollard, COO, CTmatador

On 1 May 2022, Mr. Jay Pollard, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the CTmatador trading platform made a statement with regard to the global policies. In his statement while referring the importance of rule of law, COO said that “We (CTmatador) are the protectors and guardians of the global policies of AML and KYC. We encourage fair business practice and environment and that objective can only be achieved when both the policies are implemented in their true meaning, intents and purposes. Our trade services are for everyone except for those who are not complying with these policy standards. We discourage corruption and corrupt practices while at the same time we are on a mission to end terrorism by preventing terrorism funding.

These remarks came from the COO when the company recently adopted crypto trading and related services to worldwide investors and traders. It has been a few weeks ago that CTmatador officially launched trading of digital currencies, particular Bitcoin trading. However, as per the COO of the broker, a crypto trader can trade in multiple digital assets other than just Bitcoin. He further clarified that so far there are only 9 cryptocurrencies in which the traders can trade and open their positions.

In addition, it was advised by COO that “Our Company has high hopes with regard to crypto trading. We have taken the decision when we thought it was the right time for us to go crypto. We wanted to make sure that we do our homework first and then launch the trading because we did not want to regret later. Our platform was designed in the most pertinent that it was tailor made for trading like digital asset trading.

Initially, the broker launched its online trading services in certain tradable assets but excluded digital asset trading. However, even at the time of launching the platform, the management of the platform were very optimistic about integration of crypto trade services in the future. So in the initial days of business operations, CTmatador was focusing on attracting more and more investors/traders. The intention was to bring in clients so as to keep them engaged first and then collect means for further improvement in the future.

Usually, in cases apart from CTmatador, a business takes considerable amount of time before launching another line of tradable assets. But in the case of CTmatador the time period was so short within which the platform has now been able to successfully provide for crypto trading as well.

We knew from day one that our ultimate objective was to bring in cryptocurrencies without our trade services. However, we are not aware of the time required but we want to make it possible as early as possible. In addition, we want to make sure that our crypto oriented investors can have the opportunities of trading in assets which they like the most like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Jay Pollard, COO, CTmatador

The very statement of the COO showed that even prior to the official launch date of CTmatador, the company was very much interested in crypto trading. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why this broker launched its platform on the basis of web-based platform. This means that the trading platform of this broker is very much the same as any website. An investor would be required to log into his or her account and do what he or she wishes to do i.e. online trading.

Contact Information

Email – jay@ctmatador.com
COO – Jay Pollard
Website – https://ctmatador.com/
Phone number – +442035140074

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