CTO Jameson Lopp Considers NFT a Silly Art

The BTC non-fungible tokens price increase has stirred a new wave within the maximalist environment. For Casa’s CTO, it is time they mature and move on. The increase of BTC non-fungible tokens is also a sign of a bear market, announced Jameson Lopp.

With reduced prices, blockchain technology is cheap. In a bull market, doing this will cost individuals thousands of dollars. He continued and added that he acknowledged that because he thought non-fungible token art was fairly silly.

Claiming that he has never found worth in art based on non-fungible tokens, emphasizing that it is not something that he is willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars. Hence, he claims that it gives him some satisfaction that nobody else owns this art.

Jameson Lopp’s in a specific position to treat the crypto culture wars, too, having encountered the same variety once his account platform reported that it would foster support for Ethereum. Recently, the self-custody account provider Casa has only provided BTC services since 2018.

Diving into Bitcoin’s Deep Waters

The action to include Ethereum, purported in the previous year, harnessed similar rage from multiple individuals raising concerns about new impressions on BTC. For example, the chief executive officer of Jan3, Samson Mow, pronounced BTC advocate at the time, tweeted that it is not something to love.

Jameson Lopp noted that supporting ETH would pay off once the product finally rolls out. He added that from what we can witness, we anticipated a huge majority of the people who were openly upset and hostile about it were not even their customers.

Instead of fighting and taking sides, what the company seeks from an industry perspective, is to discourse as much of the market as possible regarding promising self-custody, indicating that customers must be accountable for managing, at times, complicated aspects of many signatory exchanges.

Self-custody of virtual digital assets indicates regulating your virtual crypto assets with secure keys rather than having faith in third-party service providers like centralized exchanges.

The rest is a low entry barrier for beginners in the crypto environment. Although protection is a key matter, something the collapsed FTX displayed as customers were able to pull out their assets.

Multiple signatory wallet alternatives, such as Casa, provide additional flexibility for the self-custody of virtual digital assets. Instead of just one secure key, multiple signatory accounts are protected by a few at once. If consumers lose one private key, their virtual crypto assets remain secure.

Fostering support for BTC and ETH seems more like a middle ground. Jameson Lopp added that from an ideological aspect, it is a transaction he is willing to execute if including other highly embraced assets indicates that they acquire more individuals to self-custody BTC.

Maximalists Canceled Lopp

Jameson Lopp purported that he has been canceled more than once by members who raged over his appetite for privacy-centric cryptocurrencies. He added that the virtual crypto asset industry is all about performing what you please without a permit.

That also indicates that individuals should anticipate that they will get annoyed by other parties performing specific things like the BTC non-fungible token dispute that is being witnessed currently.

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