How to Buy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Coinbase

All you need is to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the Coinbase NFT marketplace and bid with Ether in your wallet to purchase and sell non-fungible tokens on Coinbase.

The rapid growth of NFT collections has seen non-fungible token marketplaces increasing at an impressive pace. Previously, these markets were primarily dApps on several blockchains.

However, the narrative shifted as crypto exchanges began seeing value in having their NFT marketplaces. That also attracted Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange with most customers globally.

Coinbase joined the monetary space in 2012 and initially focused on purchasing and selling digital coins. The exchange has added more services over the years, including staking crypto and introducing its NFT market.

That means a lucrative step towards NFT adoption, and millions of individuals globally use Coinbase investment services. Moreover, Coinbase would make it smooth to invest in non-fungible tokens.

Can You Use Coinbase to Buy NFT Art?

Indeed, you can utilize Coinbase to buy NFT art. The exchange’s NFT marketplace remains in the Beta version, but investors can use the platform. Though the layout resembles OpenSea, Coinbase allows individuals to access NFTs from various marketplaces. Moreover, you can pay with ETH on Coinbase, similar to OpenSea.

You require a cryptocurrency wallet connected to the exchange to purchase NFTs without hurdles on Coinbase. Furthermore, you will need Ether in the wallet to facilitate the buy and pay gas charges.

Later stages will include wrapped Ether on the network, allowing investors to use this ETH version for bids and auctions that necessitated wETH. Moreover, Coinbase plans to support more blockchains and cryptos in the future.

About Coinbase NFT Marketplace

The marketplace’s homepage resembles the rest of the crypto exchange. For instance, the Discover, Insights, and Shop buttons are on the webpage. Moreover, you can register on the NFT network by clicking the top-right.

Can You Mint NFTs on Coinbase?

The exchange is yet to include NFTs minting services but revealed about the move in the future. So, Coinbase has NFT mining in its plans, lucrative news for entrepreneurs and artists. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on platform updates to enjoy the services once they arrive.

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