HubbleBit Review – Prominent Features of the Broker

HubbleBit Review

HubbleBit logoLooking for a broker? Check out this HubbleBit review to find out the prominent features it offers to help you trade in the financial markets.

Trading in the financial markets is nothing new. Even online trading has been around for decades and you can find hundreds of stories of people who were able to achieve their financial goals, or make their fortunes through these markets.

While it has been the biggest trend for a while now, it appears to have intensified in the past year or so because of the economic situation created by the global coronavirus pandemic. Those struggling with financial issues have been driven towards these markets and are more than eager to begin trading in order to make some profits.

You don’t need to worry about a shortage of opportunities here because there are hundreds of thousands of financial instruments to be found. Most importantly, every instrument has a different level of volatility, so every trader will be able to find a suitable one to trade according to their risk tolerance.

But, how do you access them? How will you trade online? This is where a broker comes in as they are the ones that open the door of the financial markets for you.

Brokers have played a key role in trading from the beginning, so it is not surprising that they also facilitate online trading. Like other industries and spaces that have evolved due to technology, they are also operating online nowadays in order to provide their services to people all around the globe.

So, when you want to trade online, you will first have to find a good brokerage and open up an account with them. This doesn’t sound too complicated and it isn’t, but there is one challenge that you do have to deal with; choosing a broker.

Why is this a challenge? You will realize this when you begin your search and find a plethora of brokers offering their trading services. There are so many of them that it can often overwhelm people and they are unable to decide how to pick one.

Some people just select one out of a hat, but this can often lead to problems because the broker you end up with may not be able to cater to your trading needs.

Everyone has different preferences and what works for another trader may not be right for you. For instance, some traders are more conscious about security, while others want a platform that allows them to diversify.

You have to consider your trading needs as well as your priorities in order to choose a good broker for yourself. Plus, when you check out a couple of companies closely, you will find that they may have some common features, but not all of them are the same.

HubbleBit homepage
Top-notch security

The first and most notable feature that you will come across at HubbleBit is their top-notch security. There is no doubt that online trading offers a world of benefits that people couldn’t get in the traditional form of trading. But, there are always downsides and this applies here as well. The biggest problem with online trading is the security concerns it raises.

The internet has become rampant with cybercriminals that are looking to exploit people. There have been numerous incidents where people had their identities stolen, or their financial information was compromised and they suffered from the loss of their money.

No one would be willing to expose themselves to such risks, but the problem with online trading is that you have to rely on a broker to protect you.

In order to trade, you have to open an account with an online broker, which means sharing your personal information and then you also have to add funds, which means risking your money as well. If the broker doesn’t have appropriate security, their system could be compromised, which means you will be left vulnerable.

Thus, your goal should be to find a brokerage that offers great security and HubbleBit has done an excellent job in this respect. They offer their clients top-notch security because they are well-aware of the risks and don’t want them to be constantly fretting about their personal data, or their money.

First and foremost, they use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and digital encryption for protecting all your sensitive and confidential data. This means that all incoming website traffic is protected, along with all data that’s shared between the trader and the company.

The aim is to ensure that no outsiders can get access to your information. As a matter of fact, you will find that HubbleBit also has a tough privacy policy, which ensures that none of your data is given to any unauthorized individual, or third party without your consent.

Your information will not be sold, shared or licensed to anyone. When it comes to protecting your funds, they offer 3D secure payments that ensure the safety of your debit and credit cards and allow you to make payments safely.

Moreover, the rules of customer account segregation are followed by HubbleBit and this means that your funds are deposited with the leading financial institutions and kept in separate accounts. They are not mixed with the company’s own funds and are neither used to pay any of its obligations.

Client funds are only kept for their trading activities and if the broker was to ever file for bankruptcy, they would be returned to the clients. This is reassuring because you don’t have to worry about any discrepancy or misappropriation where your money is concerned.

Another important aspect of HubbleBit is that they are AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) compliant. These are renowned security policies and require traders to provide documents for proof of identity and proof of residence.

The former refers to any government-issued form of identity, such as a passport, national ID card, or a driver’s license. The goal is to show your full name, date of birth and photograph.

For the latter, you have to share a utility bill, such as gas, electricity or water, a bank statement, or a credit card bill that shows your name and address, along with date of issue.

With the help of this data, it is possible for HubbleBit to verify the accounts on their platform and prevent cybercriminals from making fake accounts. It also mitigates the risk of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering.

Range of instruments

After you have ascertained the security and deemed it good enough, you can move onto other aspects of the broker that can make a difference in your decision. The most important feature that will affect your choice in the long run is the range of instruments that a broker has to offer.

This is because trading these instruments gives you profits, so you would obviously want to have access to the best instruments that can give you the highest profits. However, you should keep in mind that such instruments come with high risks as well because the volatility can also lead to losses.

Therefore, you need to consider your own risk tolerance and then choose an instrument accordingly. If you want quick and high profits, you will have to be more tolerant. You also have the option of balancing your risks through diversification, which means investing in different types of instruments.

You can choose a combination of instruments that have high and low volatility to maximize your profits and minimize your risks. But, whether you are able to do so or not will depend on the broker you decide to sign up with.

Every brokerage offers a different set of instruments to their clients. There are some that choose to specialize in a particular market, such as forex, or cryptocurrency. You can also find those that offer access to various markets, but have limited options and others that offer a horde of options to choose from.

A quick check will show that HubbleBit falls in the latter category, as they have an extensive range of instruments available on their platform. These belong to some of the most reputable financial markets in the world.

They have added the most profitable instruments from these markets to provide their clients with freedom to choose the ones they want to trade. This means that HubbleBit users will have no problems in diversifying their investment portfolio and will also be able to achieve their goals.

You have access to the stock market, which is known as one of the leading financial markets in the world. You can trade some of the most profitable stocks, including Amazon, BMW, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Barclays, Netflix and Pfizer.

In fact, there are green stocks also available that belong to companies that are environmentally friendly. The indices market is also another lucrative option that you can explore via HubbleBit and they have added some of the best indices, such as FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500 and DOW JONES.

You can also try out your luck in the biggest financial market in the world i.e. the foreign currency market. There are numerous currency pairs that can be traded here and some of these include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/NZD, USD/CAD and EUR/GBP.

If you don’t want to trade fiat currency pairs, you will find that HubbleBit has kept up with the trends and added digital currencies to their offerings as well. You can trade cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.

The commodities market is another one that you can access here and there are a ton of commodities that can provide you with stable and long-term returns for balancing your portfolio because they are quite low risk.

There are hard commodities that include precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, soft commodities that include agricultural products like coffee, wheat, rice and sugar and energy commodities like natural gas and crude oil.

HubbleBit Range of instruments
A web trading platform

Have you ever wondered how an online broker connects you to any financial market? They provide a trading platform for this purpose, which is the software developed for this specific task. Sure, you can find some trading platforms that are available in the market, and sometimes brokers also develop their own.

It is a crucial feature of any company because it influences your experience the most and can even have an impact on your overall performance in the market. For instance, the platform provides you with trading tools that can help in making decisions.

If a platform doesn’t have the appropriate tools, you may not be able to make good decisions. Likewise, if the trading platform is slow, then again you will miss out on opportunities, or your trades will not be executed in a timely manner.

Hence, this is one aspect where you just cannot afford to make a compromise and you need to ensure that the platform you will be provided is capable of doing its job.

Obviously, you don’t want something too complex either, which can make trading difficult. You shouldn’t sign up with any brokerage without knowing what kind of trading platform they will offer to you.

A look at the trading platform provided by HubbleBit tells you that they have chosen to develop their own platform, rather than provide an existing one. You will be provided with a web trading platform that you don’t have to download, or install, which makes it a very simple solution for anyone.

However, the simplicity doesn’t mean that the platform cannot do its job. It has been integrated with cutting-edge technology that empowers it to provide superior trade execution, allowing traders to enjoy one-click trading and see their results in real-time.

There aren’t many trading platforms in the market capable of doing so. In addition, just because the HubbleBit platform uses advanced technology doesn’t mean that it is complicated, or will have a learning curve.

They have deliberately kept the interface user-friendly, so it doesn’t take people more than five minutes to figure out how to navigate the trading platform and start trading. This is undoubtedly appealing, especially for newbies and beginners who don’t have much experience and don’t want to deal with anything complicated.

The web-based nature of the platform gives traders flexibility, as they just need to access the HubbleBit website to start using it. Therefore, they can choose to use it on any device, including their smartphones and tablets, allowing them to trade from anywhere and not miss out on any opportunities.

The trading platform also boasts some of the top trading tools that can be extremely beneficial for traders. They can make smart decisions by using tools, such as different charts and graphs, a variety of indicators, technical and fundamental analysis, several order types and other risk management tools, the latest financial market news and trading signals.

Robust customer support

One of the most important features of any broker is their customer support and it has to be up to the mark for you to have a smooth trading experience.

It ensures that you can get help when needed and don’t have to face any problems or delays during the trading process. The customer support at HubbleBit is exemplary because they have added a number of channels that their clients can use for reaching out to them.

You can check out the Contact Us page on the HubbleBit website to use them.

HubbleBit customer support
Bottom Line

Other prominent features that you will discover at HubbleBit include a quick registration process, detailed educational resources to provide guidance, tight spreads and high leverage, all of which can come in handy during trading and help you have a smooth experience.

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