Instagram allows Creators to Showcase their Collections

The Meta-owned social media company Instagram has been appealing to creators’ thoughts on their platform for some time now. Instagram is a trendy platform and a big hit among big and small content creators on the internet. The social media platform allows these individuals the luxury of displaying skills and engaging their community. The platform also provides methods for its users to monetize their content and create income sources.

Recently, Instagram has been reaching out to NFT Creators using their platform. Some contacted creators were allowed to set their NFTs as their profile pictures. This move would allow eligible creators to showcase their creations, purchases, and thoughts on the community. With this innovation, Instagram is connecting potential buyers with their favourite artists. Users can find new collections, interact with them, and contribute to the artist’s success.

Meta NFT Testing

As mentioned earlier, Instagram selects certain users to use their digital arts on their accounts. This section will discuss how these users get to integrate their NFTs as their profile pictures.

  • First, users are recommended to connect a private wallet to their account. This crypto wallet would allow the application to access its vault of NFTs and select a suitable collectable. The process is as simple as connecting your wallet with a DApp.
  • The next step is for users to select the specified NFT from their wallet to post on their Instagram account. This feature can only work when the wallet is synchronized to the specified Instagram account. Once selected, the selected NFT would be posted on their feed for other people to see and an effect to distinguish it. The extra feature will allow viewers to know that you posted an NFT. They will also get other information on how to purchase, participate or interact with your NFT.
  • Once released, the NFT will be automatically linked to the owner’s information. Also, the creator can deactivate the option to reveal their information for privacy issues.


In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the new features and how the entire Meta company is evolving. Meta is moving from entertainment to metaverse-focused technology, as they believe it is the new hit. They have started implementing gaming, augmented, and virtual reality research for the crypto space. Mark Zuckerberg also explained that the new feature would likely hit Facebook soon.

NFTs, Public Blockchains & Community

The current data used in adding the NFT function to Instagram is retrieved from public blockchains. Meta reported that it would also include Polygon, Ethereum, and other popular blockchains to its platform soon enough. The platform is still in the works, as the only acceptable wallets are Rainbow, Trust Wallets, MetaMask, etc. However, the company is making adjustments and plans to include Phantom, Dapper, and Coinbase to its list of trusted wallets.

According to Meta, the limited number of blockchain networks and crypto wallets is to reduce scams. Instagram is not decentralized; hence, there is a constant need to verify the collectable before posting.

NFTs and Community

NFTs have connected more individuals than social media has in the last seven years. Integrating social media networks with blockchain will allow creators to display their talent and ideas. It functions for a better community-building opportunity for creators, mods, and collectors.

However, users should note that these features are still just in their testing phase. Hence, only a selected few creators and collectors have access to testing and production. Instagram has also stated that it restricted its list of selected creators to individuals in the U.S. However, if all plays out as expected, we won’t wait long before getting this fantastic feature on all our accounts!

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