Interpol Is All Set To Crack Down On Crimes In the Metaverse

The International Criminal Police Organization, also known as Interpol, is becoming a part of the metaverse world with VR headsets on their heads while readying to eliminate the growing list of potential crimes targeting the Metaverse space. The 1st Metaverse project has been introduced by Interpol to particularly deal with law enforcement across the globe.

Interpol Becomes a Part of the Metaverse World to Deal with Mounting Crime

The respective project is being launched at the ninetieth Interpol General Assembly that is going to be conducted in New Delhi. Interpol brought to the front that a prominent driving force at the back of the organization’s engagement with crypto is the increasing number of crimes conducted by malicious actors who utilize the latest technology to manipulate the common masses.

As per the institution, the metaverse technology would potentially be witnessed at a large scale in the coming few years. Interpol added that the bad actors are in advance endeavoring to exploit the world of the metaverse. Caution has been issued on the behalf of the World Economic Forum that frauds related to social engineering, misinformation, and violent extremism could be the specific issues to be faced in the coming time.

The organization mentioned that with the escalation in the number of people utilizing Metaverse as well as the additional advancement in the tech world, the crimes may spread, and the heinous crimes dealing with sexual harassment and assault, phishing, ransomware, counterfeiting, financial scams, money laundering, data theft, as well as child abuse would also be included in this sector.

A Devoted Unit to Be Established by Interpol to Handle the Metaverse-Related Crime

A noteworthy thing is that people have in advance been arrested and punished for their activities in this field. In the previous month, a person from South Korea was sentenced to 4-year imprisonment for harassing children sexually in the world of the Metaverse as well as tempting them to upload lude videos and pictures.

At the occasion organized in Delhi, it was also disclosed by Interpol that it has a strategy to establish a division for crypto crime. Jürgen Stock, the secretary general of Interpol, pointed toward the requirement for such a platform because several law enforcement organizations do not presently have the suitable equipment to tackle the complications of this space.

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