John McAfee’s Ex-Wife Has Responded To Fake Death Claims

The ex-wife of John McAfee (a computer programmer and crypto evangelist) has replied to an assertion by his former girlfriend that his death was faked by him and he was presently hiding somewhere. In June last year, John McAfee deceased in a prison cell in Spain while waiting that he would be deported to the United States due to the allegations of not being successful in filing tax returns dealing with the period between 2014 and 2018.

McAfee was also accused of not reporting the earnings dealing with the promotion of the crypto projects as well as the consulting work. The person was of 75 years at the time of his death, and several people inside and outside the crypto world immediately created conspiracy theories related to his imprisonment and death. On Wednesday, a documentary covering the life as well as the death of McAfee was released by Netflix.

John McAfee’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Is Alive in Texas

In the respective documentary, Samantha Herrera (the ex-girlfriend of the computer programmer) asserted to have gotten a phone call from McAfee a couple of weeks following his reported demise. In her words, the call – supposedly from McAfee – was done from Texas. She added that the person on the other side of the call asserted that he was John and that people have been paid off by the computer programmer to feign his death but that was not true.

As reported by her, McAfee mentioned that she was the only person in the whole world who came to know that he is still alive. He, according to her, then offered her to escape with him. No additional details were provided by the ex-girlfriend of John McAfee in the respective documentary, however, the assertions made by her cannot be validated at the moment.

Janice McAfee Says she doubts It

Since 2020’s October, the Spanish officials had been detaining the computer programmer, however, a lot of accusations were made against him within the United States as well as the other countries. It was hinted by McAfee himself that the authorities of the United States might target him, sharing a tattoo’s picture on the Twitter account thereof in 2019’s November. In that tweet, he noted that he would not do suicide but someone would Murder him.

Janice McAfee, on the other hand, denied Herrera’s claims and mentioned that anything could be possible but she doubts him to be in Taxes as he was detained by the SEC and the IRS in Spain. She added that as his life was masked by controversies his death would also be hidden in controversies as well.

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