Lifeform and RACA Partner to Bring NFT Trading and 3D Avatar Technology to the Metaverse

RACA & Lifeform Partnership

Lifeform, a company that provides tools for creating 3D avatars, and various technologies related to digital self-sovereignty, secure contracts, and software development kits, has partnered up with RACA (USM.WORLD), a decentralized ecosystem that deals with trading NFTs, to create a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform.

RACA has partnerships with various companies in the decentralized space, including OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon, and has a sizeable web3 community with followers on different social media platforms. In addition, RACA has a fantastic track record, with over three million BNB tokens trading on the platform in the last nine months.

USM (United States of Mars) is a fictional planet pivotal to the RACA community, and its residents, known as RACAfellers, value innovation, sustainability, honor, and their cultural heritage. RACA is associated with the decentralized community of Maye Musk Dog NFT and is known for its focus on art, craftsmanship, good causes, and innovation.

The Partnership

The platform will operate on multiple blockchain networks (a “multichain”) and collaborate with other DeFi protocols and companies. DeFi refers to financial applications and services built on blockchain technology and operates as decentralized entities without the need for intermediaries like banks.

Decentralized finance protocols often provide lending, borrowing, trading, and payment processing services. By partnering with other protocols and companies, Lifeform will offer various services and potentially increase the liquidity and interoperability of its platform.

According to Lifeform on Twitter, the partnership will involve different companies in the decentralized space, such as BNB and Venus Protocol, to integrate their services into the Lifeform platform or work together on joint projects in the future.

Lifeform is building a massive multichain and collaborative space of Decentralized finance and has announced partnerships with other DeFi protocols from various ecosystems. The term “multichain” suggests that Lifeform’s platform will operate on multiple blockchain networks, potentially increasing its interoperability and flexibility.

In addition, Lifeform plans to host various activities, such as events or workshops, at headquarters as part of these partnerships. Lifeform’s statement mentions that it believes the future of the virtual world will be web3 and multichain, with all projects collaborating towards a common goal.

Furthermore, Lifeform sees decentralization and interoperability as crucial trends in internet development and is positioning itself to take advantage of them. The partnership between Lifeform and RACA is expected to bring together the expertise of both companies.

Lifeform will focus on creating 3D avatars and decentralized identity solutions and RACA specializing in the NFT trading space. The DeFi platform will use blockchain technology to enable secure, transparent, and decentralized transactions while giving users control over their data and assets.

The DeFi platform will be open to third-party developers, who can build their applications and integrations on top of the forum. This action could lead to new financial products and services that benefit platform users.

The DeFi platform is still in development, and there is no official launch date. However, it is expected to be released shortly. Meanwhile, Lifeform plans to host various activities, such as events or workshops, at its headquarters as part of these partnerships.

In conclusion, the partnership between Lifeform and RACA represents a significant development in the DeFi and NFT space. It could significantly impact the metaverse and shape the future of decentralized finance.

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