Mastercard Launches Customizable NFT Debit Cards

The worldwide financial service company, Mastercard, has introduced customized non-fungible token (NFT)-based debit cards, permitting the cardholders owning avatars from some selected non-fungible token collections to incorporate the artworks on their payment cards.

Mastercard to Offer NFT-Customized Debit Cards Featuring Moonbirds and Bored Apes

A collaboration has been carried out with “hi” (a crypto exchange venue based in Europe) to permit the “Gold” participants thereof to get their debit cards personalized with the non-fungible tokens verifiably owned by them. Owning gold under the venue requires 100,00 hi Dollars (or HI) – the native token of the platform – having an approximate worth of up to $4,600, according to the data shared by CoinGecko.

With the cards, the consumers will be permitted to spend in stablecoins, fiat currency, or crypto in their possession as well as also receive funds through the respective payment methods. The rest of the features like cash back facilities, hotel credits, and refunds on Spotify and Netflix subscriptions additionally count as the services provided on certain levels of the memberships.

Christian Rau, the Crypto and Fintech Enablement Vice President at Mastercard, stated that due to the increasing customer interest in crypto and non-fungible tokens, the payment-providing platform was dedicated to turning these services widely accessible to be selected as the payment choices across the communities willing to utilize them for their benefit.

A small range of non-fungible token collections will have the support from Azuki, Bored Ape, Goblintown, Moonbirds, and CryptoPunk while these NFT venues’ owners will require turning into Gold participants with hi. There will also be a requirement for them to confirm their ownership under the venue to get the custom cards.

Presently Twenty-Five EEA Countries Can Avail of This Offer

Apart from that, just twenty-five European Economic Area (EEA) nations will be able to avail of the service of the cards along with the United Kingdom. Because of a huge collapse in the markets of cryptocurrency during some of the previous month, a majority of the “blue-chip” non-fungible tokens’ collections have gone through a price collapse.

Nonetheless, the data provided by NFTGo revealed that steady growth is taking place in the case of blue-chip NFTs since the 12th of this month. A significant role has been played by Mastercard in bringing crypto payments to the mainstream while permitting the holders to buy non-fungible tokens via collaborating with several marketplaces of non-fungible tokens, in June.

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