Metacade Project May Surge as Crypto Market Awaits Massive Volatility Following U.S Inflation Data

  • Evaluating market cycles
  • Assessing the potential effect of inflation on the cryptocurrency industry
  • How could Metacade benefit amid these conditions?

The United States CPI (consumer price index) came at 8.2%. That’s a Y/Y estimate figure provided monthly, offering insights into yearly price upticks for consumer goods. While it remains unclear how fa inflation will affect the cryptocurrency industry with time, crypto benefits might witness massive changes in the web3 sector.

There has been a shining light for cryptocurrency fans during these pessimistic conditions. Metacade has shown impressive potential as far as the future is concerned. Moreover, its coin presale has been among the growth opportunities in any international marketplace.

Booms & Busts – a TradFi System’s Byproduct?

The financial system has constantly seen the legacy of witnessing boom and bust revolutions. Meanwhile, the cycles offset the USD supply, which became infinite following the Federal Reserve’s establishment in the twentieth century. The dollar has remained unstrapped to gold’s global supply since 1913. That period saw it lose 96%, leading to inevitable consumer price surges.

Consumers Stop Spending When Prices Are Too High

Indeed, massive price spikes force consumers to stop spending. That leads to declines in company revenues, whereas the firms could have similar or high production costs. That welcomes lay-offs, which might further reduce spending before possible bubble bursts.

These price shifts affect stock prices and the cost of services and goods. Moreover, we are closing a 14-year boom cycle. And that could mean bad updates for the global economy soon.

Meanwhile, the Fed fights for a soft landing through interest rate increases. That has positively affected the CPI over the past few months. Nevertheless, inflation remains high.

How Does Inflation Affect Crypto?

There are two primary arguments. First and foremost, USD devaluation will lead to faded faith in legacy financial systems, causing more individuals to avoid using the United States dollar and opt for scarce virtual currencies like BTC. Increased Bitcoin demand will likely drive prices higher as it has a fixed supply.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies remain tied to traditional tech stocks, including Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL). The ongoing cryptocurrency bear market has seen massive price slumps across the S&P 500, with tech stocks plunging substantially. For instance, Tesla and Facebook/Meta crashed by 60% and 75%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has dropped 77%. The crypto space usually follows BTC’s price, and alts could suffer the most. Most alternative tokens have lost up to 90% in 2022. Indeed, booms, busts, crypto, inflation, and stocks are intricately connected.

What’s Metacade?

Metacade is creating a massive metaverse gaming arcade in Web3. While most of its alt counterparts have performed ugly recently, Metacade has enjoyed success. That came as the project introduced its presale. Moreover, investors have faith in the project’s future value. Its community-focused and P2E opportunities have attracted the masses.

How Metacade Could Benefit Amid Deteriorating U.S Economy

The ongoing bearish conditions had investors losing faith in their previous buys. That has triggered red candlesticks across multiple crucial markets, including cryptocurrency and technology. Nevertheless, some Web3 areas remain popular. For instance, NFTs have maintained value compared to most blockchain gaming sites and stocks.

Metaverse is drawing massive attention in the web3 community, with the potential of being a gigantic project for the innovation’s future. The project has launched the first investment round and promises massive value to users and investors.

The MCADE presale will start at $0.008 and soar to the scheduled $0.02 before its release to the public. Investors trust the alt can surge more than 100% during sub-optimal market situations. Could it be the next massive thing in the crypto space? Many individuals believe so.

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