NFT Ecosystem Has Witnessed A Steady Growth Since September 12

In the recent two years, NFTs took the ecosystem of cryptocurrency to new heights as it was essential at that time for the industry to grasp mainstream attention. This has been witnessed due to the interest of renowned celebrities as well as artists in it. Nevertheless, the NFT market has gone through massive losses owing to the bear market triggered by Terra (LUNA) collapse which has been continuous for up to 10 years.

NFT Market Shows a Bounce Back during a Bearish Sentiment of the Crypto Industry

But in the recent 2 weeks, the NFT ecosystem has exhibited indications of resurgence for another time. NFTGo has reported that there has been observed stable progress in the functioning of NFTs since 12th September as the sector is moving slowly back towards its previous record of approximately 10,000 Ethereum (ETH).

During the bear market – in the middle of August – NFT value fell to a considerable extent showing damage caused by the overall downturn of the market.

The NFTs market capitalization has raised by 16.5% to reach the level of approximately 11.25M Ether on the 20th of this month. In this way, the market capitalization has surpassed the point of 11M ETH firstly. As a result of this, an upsurge of nearly 32.24 % has taken place in the number of consumers.

After NFT collections like Otherdeed as well as Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT collections have gained substantial volumes but the highest volume is that of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) with a 9.25%.

Despite the NFT Upturn, the Overall Market Is Down

Nevertheless, the present condition of the entire crypto industry is not up to the mark. By viewing all the activities like the inconsistency of trading magnitude, Google, and other social media trends, it has been concluded that the NFT market’s state is lower than expected. The reason for this cold market is that the investors are endeavoring to compensate for their formerly experienced losses.

OpenRarity protocol has been introduced on the behalf of OpenSea – a marketplace for non-fungible tokens – for the verification of NFTs’ rarity within the venue thereof. The aforementioned protocol intends to offer credible rarity ranking to the consumers.

The customers will have a lot of assistance with this service while dealing with the process of buying non-fungible tokens. Such initiatives ought to take the NFT market to the next level.

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