NFT Market, BNB Chain, and the Untouched Story of Sales Activity

Recent weeks have witnessed the digital assets world crashing. That saw the non-fungible token (NFT) market taking a hit. Nevertheless, the latest NFT sales surge confirmed attempted reversals by the marketplace. Meanwhile, who could be the new leader of the restored NFT markets? BNB blockchain seems ready to take the win.

Still Building!

Binance’s BNB blockchain is one of the new top faces within the NFT industry. Though far from the leaders before the Three Arrows Capital and Terra debacles, BNB grew radically within the past couple of weeks.

Whether you’ll call it luck or good timing, the blockchain upgraded its game when market players were desperate. Last week’s chart shows it ranking 3rd in NFT sales, behind Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).

Headwinds within the crypto spectrum have favored BNB. The chain attained its ATH sales on May 31, peaking at $2.25 million. Surprisingly, it persisted during the June crash. BNB registered over 4K distinct buyers and more than $1.6M in sales. Meanwhile, the data presents an optimistic BNB chart as it gears towards its web3 goals.

BNB Prodigies

Two non-fungible token collections (on BNB) stood out within the previous week. FGDNFT and ‘Day of Right club coin has amplified sales to join the top fifteen NFT collections during the week.

The week has the Day of Right club collection surging a staggering 195%. Its sales of $2.85 million saw it pushing to rank on the top ten list. The NFT joined the market in early June 2022 but recorded an impressive $3.15M during its inaugural month.

FBGNFT is another NFT collection by BNB that enjoys remarkable strides within the marketplace. It gained a whopping 532% within the previous week, recording sales of more than $1.86 million.

Also, the collection is in its early stages, launched in May. Nevertheless, the past weeks had it growing multifold. July’s $3.7M average sales exceeded that of May and June.

The BNB marketplace enjoyed a flourishing 2022. That comes as the overall crypto space endures bearish momentum.

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