Non-Fungible Tokens Guide: What are NFTs?

Many NFTs are the same as mainstream electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Due to the NFT’s representation as digital assets, they utilize the blockchain’s capabilities.

By doing so, NFTs can be exchanged from one wallet to another in a quick, safe, and cost-effective manner. In addition, blockchain-based NFTs can be verified transparently as they are based on a blockchain network.

In contrast with the above digital currencies, NFTs uses a unique transaction hash to identify each token. There are no two NFTs exactly alike, which means each one is unique.

This makes NFTs a good storage medium for storing real-world values. Alternatively, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are fungible – meaning you can swap 1 BTC for an additional 1 BTC with little change.

Among NFTs, there are no relationships between tokens and existing digitized resources, so they are categorized as intangible.

How do NFTs Work?

Let’s now explore how the best NFTs work, considering we’ve covered the basics.

Non-fungible versus fungible

Despite providing a brief explanation of the distinction among fungible and non-fungible coins, we will elaborate more in the next section.

Dollars and cents are fungible, which means they are used every day to buy goods and services.

Here are some examples:

  • Consider the following scenario: You need change for the vending machine with a $20 bill, but the machine only accepts $1 bills
  • You request that someone change your $20 bill into small denominations.
  • Your turn is to receive a $10 bill, a $5 bill, and five $1 bills
  • The value of the original $20 bill remains the same, even though you now have different notes
  • Because you still have $20 to spend

The cold cash asset class that was described above is fungible. Likewise, virtually all current cryptocurrencies have the same security vulnerability.

It’s a confirmed fact that NFTs are non-fungible assets. In other words, you can’t exchange NFTs without expecting that the value will remain the same – since every token is distinct.

Here are some examples:

  • Consider the case of a physical painting created by an artist.
  • The artist then chooses to produce an NFT that reflects the actual capitalization of the painting.
  • The NFT is unique to each painting only and can therefore not be copied or imitated.
  • Because each NFT has a unique transaction hash, it can be verified for its authenticity.

As we will discuss more thoroughly shortly, NFTs can represent pretty much anything deemed valuable. You can store ownership of virtual paintings, houses, cars, or sporting moments with NFTs.

Blockchain Protocol

Several NFT tokens run on the blockchain protocol, and the Ethereum blockchain is still preferred by many creators of NFTs, not the least because ERC-721 tokens can be issued on it. In essence, ERC-721 tokens are unique within this particular subset of the Ethereum blockchain and are ideal for NFTs.

However, several other blockchain networks – such as Binance Smart Chain – have since begun to support NFTs. Especially since Ethereum transaction fees can be extremely high, many people argue that the latter is better for trading the best NFTs tokens.

NFT Minting

While looking for the best way to buy NFT tokens, the term ‘minting’ is often heard. To put it simply, minting is the creation of a non-existent token.

You are, therefore, buying a digital asset that has already been created when you purchase NFT tokens.

Furthermore, if you want to use a unique crypto asset to represent something unique, then NFT minting is a viable option.

Here are some examples:

  • It may be that you have conducted an independent study and wish to keep your findings confidential.
  • The easiest way to do this is to mint an NFT on a blockchain network like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
  • As a result, your NFT demonstrates that you are the true owner of said study beyond any reasonable doubt.

Your NFT can then be traded in the open market as soon as minted, which typically only takes minutes. The NFT token could even be minted so that third parties receive royalties on the sales.

Types of NFTs

We can now explore the numerous types of non-fungible digital assets available on the market since we have explained how NFTs work.

Currently, we are collecting examples of the most successful NFT tokens sold over the last five years.

Physical Real Estate

The NFT marketplace is perhaps most interesting because it encompasses physical and virtual properties.

Taking the former example first, a physical piece of real estate makes an excellent token representation. In the end, no two properties are the same, so every house or condominium is unique.

  • The recent sale of a traditional property in conjunction with a non-traditional transaction took place in Florida.
  • Ethereum was used to pay for the 4-bedroom house, which sold for $653,000.
  • An NFT holder could, therefore, theoretically sell all or some of their newly acquired property directly from their wallet.

In light of that, part-ownership may be an even bigger use case in the real estate sector for NFTs. For instance, a company building a hotel in New York that wants to build a luxurious hotel.

The developer would normally seek funding for the project from traditional financial institutions. To provide retail clients with investment opportunities, the developer may need to represent ownership via NFTs.

Moreover, each NFT would correspond to a specific portion of the equity, which would be freely traded.

Gaming NFTs

Today, popular gaming titles offer NFT tokens among the best on the market. In many instances, such games are called ‘play-to-earn’ or simply P2E.

Here are some examples:

  • Users can build their crew throughout the game’s many worlds and earn digital tokens.
  • To maximize earning potential, players can purchase unique NFTs representing virtual ships.

Developers of gaming platforms are now rewarding players with tradable NFTs, which can be minted when certain tasks are completed.

Why People Invest in NFTs

NFT tokens are among the best cryptocurrencies available on the market for numerous reasons. Whether you are a regular investor or a millionaire celebrity, NFT tokens are among the best.

We’ve discussed several benefits of the space below if you’re considering moving here.

Store of Value

NFT tokens can represent a store of value, which is one of why so many people are looking to buy them.

Earlier, we covered how easy it is to mint a token in NFT that represents a valuable item, such as a piece of land or a sporting moment.

When you eventually decide to cash out the NFT that you have minted or bought, you will be able to earn what others are willing to pay for it, in theory.

In our previous article, we mentioned that CryptoPunks NFT is now attracting sales in the millions of dollars. Usually, people buy CryptoPunks because they believe they will decrease in value in the future.

Great for Content Creators

Many content creators need to use third parties to sell their products, including artists, writers, and musicians. These agreements entail giving away a large percentage of future sales and royalties in most cases.

For example, a YouTube singer might earn a significant amount of money from advertising revenues each month. However, YouTube will take a significant cut of the revenue the creators receive from their content.

Tokens from NFT allow creators to sell their content without the need to partner with third parties, and this is where the best NFT tokens can be of use.

Investment Product

It should be no surprise that many people consider buying NFT tokens as an investment.

  • As a prime example of how an NFT investment can be successful, we can again cite the purchase of 100 virtual islands for $4.3 million in the Sandbox Metaverse.
  • Despite the obscene amount of money this buyer is investing in digital real estate, 90% of her virtual villas have already sold out in one day for $15,000.
  • Furthermore, some of these virtual villas have now been relisted for sale for over $100,000.

Thus, it is now theoretically possible for the traditional real estate development industry to branch into a particular niche industry within the Metaverse.

Put another way, people buy NFT tokens representing plots of land and then build digital real estate to profit from it.

No More Conventional Restrictions 

Physical stores of value can be challenging to invest in because jurisdictional restrictions can often be present.

For example, some buyers may find it difficult to buy property in the US if they are from a certain part of the world. Even if they own the property, there are likely to be many red tapes associated with the purchase, resulting in high fees and prolonged verification procedures.

Generally, NFT tokens are not restricted to who can buy them because they are non-fungible digital assets.

Small Barrier to Entry  

NFT tokens have also been opened up to those on a budget, which is another major reason so many people are looking to buy them.

This guide has shown examples of real-life NFT transactions that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, some of the best NFT tokens can be acquired for relatively small amounts of money.

  • Our discussion of the Australian Open earlier mentioned NFTs made available for sale subsequently.
  • The National Football League (NFL) set a decade-by-decade NFT set linked to tournaments.
  • For example, the 1970s edition sold an umpire chair NFT for just AUD 24.99 (about USD 19).

In general, even if you are only willing to put a small amount of money into this space, some of the best NFT tokens are accessible with a modest amount of capital.

Huge Marketplace   

Despite different estimates of the total future value of the NFT market depending on the source, we can look at how much money has been exchanged recently.

The New York Times reports that NFT sales alone reached almost $41 billion in 2021. NFTs are expected to grow rapidly over time, and this industry could surpass the $1 trillion mark shortly.

After rumors of investment from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz, Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, has been valued at $5 billion according to Yahoo Finance.

Yuga Labs has assumed leadership of these projects by announcing the acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits NFTs on March 12th, 2022. The three most valuable NFTs, according to their floor price and floor cap, are BAYC, Punks, and Meebits.

NFTs can be Used as Collateral.    

The NFT token is now being accepted as collateral by several innovators who give you access to funding.

The arrangement works similarly to a conventional secured loan, where the borrower puts up a certain amount of money as collateral for the loan.

With crypto loans, on the other hand, because the borrower provides a real-world asset, the lending agreement will not only be approved by an instantaneous process, but no credit checks will need to be conducted.

Since the borrower can simply sell the NFT to recover its losses if they fail to repay, the crypto lending site can simply sell the NFT to recover its losses.

NFTs vs. Cryptocurrency

In common usage, NFT is synonymous with cryptocurrency. Since both phenomena are represented electronically and built upon the blockchain protocol, both can be stored digitally.

Nevertheless, crypto-assets tend to be virtual currencies, meaning they can be used as a medium of exchange in most cases. Once again, we are returning to the discussion on fungible tokens such as Dogecoin.

This is because when you purchase $100 worth of Dogecoin from two different brokers, you receive the same amount of tokens. This is because two Dogecoins are always valued based on market value.

NFTs serve a completely different purpose and have completely different implications compared to cryptocurrencies. Since each NFT token is unique, they serve a completely different purpose. An NFT could, for example, represent an entire plot of land in Decentraland, and other tokens could not make the same claim.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have another thing in common – both are largely driven by speculation and hype.

Even though many people have enjoyed success with NFTs and cryptocurrencies on the value front, this is not a guarantee.

It is possible, for instance, that someone who paid millions of dollars for one token will find that the value of the NFT series is worth significantly less in the future.

NFT Marketplaces

An NFT marketplace is not too different from a crypto exchange in that it operates between buyers and sellers. Thus, if you wish to purchase NFT tokens today, you must first decide which exchange you wish to use. Become familiar with Binance’s NFTs by reading our guide.

Listed below are crucial aspects to keep in mind when choosing an NFT marketplace to sign up with, such as:


The reputation of the respective NFT market needs to be taken into account as well. For example, the platform’s history, the number of users, and the trading volume generated by the platform daily.

When it comes to NFT marketplaces, choosing one without a solid track record can be risky. After all, you want to be confident that your money is safe and that the NFT token you wish to purchase is already available on that platform.

Supported NFTs

The marketplace should also offer the NFT that you want.


NFT marketplaces generate a majority of their revenue by charging transaction fees. This is usually charged to buyers and sellers, so it is important to consider before selecting a provider.

When you are a buyer, you will typically pay a percentage of the sale price. If NFT charges 2% and you choose to use $1,000 worth of tokens, you will have to pay $20.

Payments and Wallets

NFT tokens are usually purchased using cryptocurrency when you buy them online. Fees for your chosen NFT will likely need to be paid in ETH tokens if it was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

A wallet connection is also usually used to collect payments through NFT marketplaces.

When you authorize the transaction, your Trust Wallet or MetaMask will deduct the corresponding amount of tokens from your Trust Wallet or MetaMask.


NFTs are expected to continue gaining popularity in the next few years, according to market commentators. Several NFT tokens sold for over a million dollars in 2021 alone, and NFT trading volume surpassed $40 billion.

You can get exposed to some of the best NFT tokens available today at if you’re looking to get into this space today. In addition, the buyer isn’t charged any fees for using a debit/credit card to pay for the chosen NFT.

Disclaimer: NFTs and Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Business Voices content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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