OSIS Enables Users to Create NFT Collections Without Prior Knowledge

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained popularity over the past year. You can hardly go a day without hearing about NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are unreplicable cryptographic coins that stay on blockchains.

NFTs might represent physical items like real estate and artwork. Tokenizing these real-world assets allows users to buy, sell, and trade them effectively while lowering the risk of fraud. Moreover, NFTs remain essential for Web3 and its mainstream, broader adoption.

Here Comes OSIS

Jalal Ibrahimi and Chris Gama founded OSIS, targeting to make Web3 simple & readily available to all, including market players with no technical skills. OSIS confirms it targets tokenizing a million businesses and people.

The network’s founders are experts in industries of finance, law, and technology. Thus, the team plans to expand the tokenization platform, OSIS Launchpad, to be a global standard and disrupt Web 2 industries, welcoming widespread Web3 adoption.

Meanwhile, OSIS has three primary components that make it suitable for users: ease of access, affordability, and accessibility. The Launchpad allows individuals to create NFT collections, regardless of their location.

Moreover, users do not need coding or programming language to design the NFT marketplaces for only a $5 gas fee. That means market players can use the OSIS Launchpad to build their desired NFTs, tokens, and assets within no time at a minimum cost.

OSIS MetaBadges

OSIS MetaBadges is a 10,000 non-fungible token project which it’s a primary constituent of the entire OSIS exchange and ecosystem. MetaBadges are NFTs that give holders voting rights within the OSIS marketplace. User ‘voices’ would vary, depending on their MetaBadge rarity levels.

Furthermore, holders are involved in OSIS’s quarterly decisions. And they can participate in the platform’s activities & future events. Meanwhile, the team has sold more than 2,000 MetaBadge NFTs.

That means MetaBadge holders can vote on which Web 3 project of the NFT project is suitable for launch via the Launchpad. That means the project is transparent and considers the community’s say about its future.

Indeed, OSIS confirms its decentralized nature while offering value for MetaBadge holders. Remember, you do not need prior expertise to join the bandwagon. Moreover, OSIS partner CoinCare will partner with VISA to launch a virtual debit card to ensure seamless fiat and crypto spending. MetaBadge NFT users would access the card for free.

Are There Other Oasis Partners?

The correct partners remain crucial for any platform’s longer-term success. OSIS understands that, inking partnerships with the University of Tijuana, CoinCare, and Ethos. Ethos’ deal can help OSIS raise more than $1B in revenue come 2027.

As a top-notch social media site for events, Ethos concentrates on enhancing embracement. It targets that by incorporating OSIS for memorabilia and ticket tokenization. Businesses and individuals can advertise tokenized items on Ethos, making the onboarding process smooth.

Also, OSIS collaborates with the University of Tijuana, with the OSIS staff analyzing whether it’s possible to introduce tokenized degrees. Other OSIS partners are Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Prime Trust, GALILEO, Unstoppable Domains, Poolz, and BitMart. Furthermore, OSIS is a leading BlockchainLand Conference sponsor.

The highlighted factors drove the OSIS team to launch an innovative site designed to bridge Web2 & Web3, guaranteeing success for individuals and businesses. Moreover, it has attracted market participants with its decentralization and ease of use, allowing anyone to join without prior knowledge about digital assets or coding.

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