Polygon Teams Up With OCEEF to Promote Ocean Literacy

Polygon – a decentralized platform for Ethereum scaling – has declared to have the Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF) as its partner to increase ocean literacy via the Metaverse-based unique, creative, interesting, as well as entertaining methods to expose people to underwater missions. The company mentioned that it is operating with Polygon to take a next-generation-based initiative.

Polygon and OCEEF Collaborate to Use the Metaverse to Grow Ocean Literacy

In a Twitter post, Polygon mentioned that its purpose is to provide communicative experiences through a governance venue permitting the participants to assist in the chief decisions. It mentioned that interactive experiences will be offered through a governance venue letting the member assist in making the big decisions dealing with the RV Odyssey, considered among the most advanced vessels for ocean research across the globe.

The members will have the capability to jump into the state-of-art-related research vessel through interactive and immersive experiences within the world of the Metaverse. The collaboration pursues permitting the members to have a significant position in determining the future itinerary of the vessel, and its research, as well as to have some engagement with the missions via the Web3-based instruments in which the Metaverse is also included.

Alex Moukas, the founder of OCEEF – while appearing at Polygon-hosted Green Blockchain Summit 2.0 – disclosed that with the utilization of the collaboration with Polygon as well as the carbon-neutral technology thereof as a launchpad, they will attempt democratizing access to the respective vessel via several Web3 venues and offer the members the option to determine the future research and itinerary of the vessel.

The student groups will also be allowed by OCEEF to be a part of their teams regarding diverse dives and missions. Such facilities will be provided via non-fungible tokens to fund the project. Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, gave his remarks on the project saying that having the capability to present a worldwide initiative like the one taken by OCEEF is quite humbling.

Polygon Reportedly Turns into a Carbon-Neutral Platform

As per him, their technology is focused on offering these immersive, innovative, and educational experiences to the masses all around the world. Previously in April this year, the chief group of Polygon determined to turn into a carbon-negative platform by the year’s end and thus allocated $20M worth for the projects related to climate and asserted to have become carbon neutral.

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