Salesforce Introduces Pilot Platform for Customers to Build & Sell NFTs

  • Client relations management firm Salesforce launches an NFT marketplace to support brand engagement.
  • The software company will control ‘smart’ contracts and security on behalf of clients.
  • Salesforce’s connection with non-fungible tokens started when Marc Benioff’s Time magazine jumped into the NFT sector in 2021.

You could purchase tickets to leading conferences on the NFT marketplace by Salesforce, publicized in October last year. However, it differed from the renowned OpenSea, which has pixelated characters or boring primates cartoon photos.

CRM’s Adam Caplan stated that the art needs an impressive look, though that’s not the point. Caplan confirmed that the new non-fungible tokens would boast utility over trading value or artistic merit. NFTs are ownership records on blockchain networks and had marketplaces such as OpenSea recording impressive trading volumes.

Nevertheless, some participants trust the boom ended, with Coinbase’s recently launched NFT market witnessing off-hand reception. Gary Vaynerchuk, the Veebits creator, trusts the slump occurred naturally with other promoted assets, but NFTs retain their long-term promise.

Improve NFT Cloud Security

Salesforce promises to solve issues such as insider trading and phishing attacks plaguing NFT platforms such as OpenSea. The new marketplace guarantees a safe atmosphere to build and sell non-fungible tokens.

Customers of Salesforce might list NFTs on their official site, whereas Salesforce would handle back-end authentication, ‘smart’ contracts writing, and security. Few clients will enjoy the service during the testing phase before the October launch.

Caplan trusts clients utilizing the NFT platform to hunt buyers’ engagement, not NFT value appreciation. He added using environmentally-friendly blockchains due to the sustainability goals of Salesforce. NFT platform Rarible has an option for users to mint NFTs on the Tezos platform, a ‘green’ blockchain.

Caplan also highlighted the escalated scams that exceeded $1 billion since 2021, revealing an option to pause wallets and assets suspected of fraud.

Salesforce CEO’s First NFTs Exploration

Reports about Salesforce’s new NFT market emerged in February this year. CEO Marc Benioff has extensively engaged with non-fungible tokens in 2021 & 2022 since purchasing TIME magazine (in 2018). The legacy publisher introduced TIMEPieces NFTs in 2021. Moreover, it launched an NFT featuring ETH’s Vitalik Buterin in 2022.

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