Should You Invest in Axie Infinity (AXS) In 2022?

Atryxiom, an Axie Infinity gamer, invested P1.5 million on the P2E cryptocurrency game when it explored peaks. The player received the P1.5 million from his parents as a gift. Though the hype and earnings cool down, Atryxiom keeps his bet.

Atryxiom handles the Atry’s Axies (AA) group of gamers. For now, he earns about P2,000 each month from 2021’s P30,000 per month. He confirmed the players make P700,000 – P1 million each week during the pandemic-drive Axie boom. Atryxiom told the reportr that he continues to play since he invested and cannot sell as massive losses.

Another marketing manager, who preferred remaining anonymous, put P800,000 of saving to Axie Infinity, attracted by his cousin’s earnings from the game. He rejects quitting the game now due to colossal losses.

AXS players need initial capital to join and make money from it (according to crypto investor Luis Buenaventura). He added that substantial returns need patience due to cryptocurrency market volatility.

How to Earn from Axie

Before joining the Axie Infinity ecosystem, players should buy unique NFTs called Axies. They are Pokémon-like pets that gamers use for matches. Winners receive Smooth Love Potions, an in-game currency convertible to money. Also, gamers can breed Axies and sell them on the AXS marketplace for additional income.

Players with many Axies can establish scholarships, where gaming managers such as Atryxiomi lend virtual pets to scholars, allowing them to earn without upfront charges. Meanwhile, managers receive part of the scholars’ returns.

Though the crypto space sees a bloodbath, players remain optimistic that Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity’s developer, has something for players.

Axie as Intro to Crypto World

The anonymous manager confirmed teaching scholars’ crypto-economy dynamics to temper their income expectations and help magnify their investment objectives. Also, YGG’s Buenaventura trusts Filipinos will access many income opportunities from the crypto, though there is a learning curve.

Atryxiom said motivating financial-driven gamers is challenging amidst bearish markets. The managers now consider other cryptocurrency investments. He takes Axie as an entry into the crypto world, saying he does not need Axie to recover losses.

Meanwhile, Buenaventura urges market players to capitalize on the ongoing market downturn to accumulate assets at discounted prices.

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