Rocketize has introduced a community space-themed token, JATO, available in the market at presale as dog token imitations flood the meme crypto space. Built on BNB Smart Chain, Rocketize is a deflationary alt designed for decentralized finance (DeFi) and web3.

Besides other advantages that benefit holders, the project has started a space program, taking advantage of the open-source community to back humankind’s moral objectives. The Rocketize staff said the JATO coin would satisfy for DeFi and BSC what Neil Armstrong did for humanity. Rocketize is ready to dominate the crypto world.

JATO’s Tokenomics

Rather than utilizing an inflationary tokenomics slant like most meme tokens, Rocketize will use burning to heighten the native token’s value. Token burning means Rocketize is ready to ensure massive financial benefits to its clients than most meme assets.

Furthermore, each JATO transaction will attract a 2% tax. Moreover, the project will dedicate half of the fee to JATO coffers while incinerating the remaining half.

How’s Rocketize’s Community Different?

The meme token’s primary component is its community, known by the Atomic Nation moniker. Atomic Nation – while building a crowdfunding site for artists, innovators, and content creators – remains the driver behind JATO’s economy.

The whitepaper indicates that memes display the latest language evolution stage within our increasingly connecting world. That’s something the Atomic Nation seems to value above everything else.

Are There NFTs?

The Atomic Nation is developing an e-commerce site that will support meme card NFTs. Moreover, it will include multiple unique non-fungible token mining undertakings. Market players will enjoy the exciting chance to build new NFTs amid such events.

Does Rocketize Have a Space Program?

Rocketize plans to explore the space metaphorically and literally. The Atomic Community wants to execute a small space mission to build an open atmosphere for crypto technology around Earth’s orbit. The asset’s staff aspires to exhibit impressive influence on universe exploration and people’s lives.

Can We Trust Rocketize Team?

Multiple rug-pulls and frauds have dominated the meme asset industry. That makes it logical for players to question new enterprises. Meanwhile, Rocketize has a SolidProof audited smart contract. It’s a reputable blockchain auditor that ensures security for cryptocurrency investors.

How to Join JATO’s Presale?

As with any cryptocurrency project, it’s best to join early and capitalize on lower prices. To purchase JATO, you download a crypto wallet and fund it. Rocketize suggests TrustWallet or Metamask.

Investors can use USDT, BNB, or ETH to buy JATO. Moreover, investors can click Connect Wallet to convert their tokens into JATO after funding their wallets with any of the mentioned currencies. Indeed, Rocketize welcomes all crypto enthusiasts.

You can visit the project’s presale and official website for more information.

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