SIX Sports Marketing Agency Partners with LootMogul to Revolutionize Sports Experience in the Metaverse

SIX, a UK-based sports marketing agency, has partnered with metaverse sports company LootMogul to bring immersive sports experiences to the metaverse. SIX offers a wide range of services, including event management, brand activation, and sponsorship, and has a proven track record in creating successful campaigns for major sports organizations and brands.

This partnership marks SIX’s entry into the growing metaverse market, positioning the agency as a leader in sports marketing innovation.


The rise of the metaverse and virtual experiences has made it increasingly necessary for businesses to have a strong presence in this space. Sean McAuliffe, a managing director at SIX, notes that as more people spend time in the virtual world, it becomes imperative for businesses to have a platform that can meet their needs and connect them with their audiences.

This gap is where LootMogul comes in, offering sports organizations a solution to establish a sustainable and engaging metaverse presence.

LootMogul is a cutting-edge metaverse sports company that offers a unique solution for sports organizations and bodies to enhance their virtual presence. The platform allows these organizations to create virtual cities within the metaverse, where virtual games, practices, and other sporting events can occur.

This innovative approach to sports experiences offers a truly immersive virtual environment for fans and participants alike. With the rise of the metaverse and its growing impact on various industries, LootMogul is at the forefront of transforming the way sports are experienced and marketed.

By providing a virtual platform for sports organizations, LootMogul is revolutionizing how fans and participants engage with sports and offering new opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, and monetization opportunities.

The Plan

The sports industry provides entertainment for people worldwide, but most of these experiences are limited to 2D screens. This limitation creates a gap in how fans interact with and experience sports, where the partnership between SIX and LootMogul aims to make a difference.

By bringing more people from the traditional web to the metaverse, the companies aim to bridge this gap and provide truly immersive experiences for sports fans worldwide. Raj Rajkotia, CEO of LootMogul, emphasizes the importance of the partnership with SIX in driving significant change in the sports industry.

With SIX’s expertise in sports marketing and LootMogul’s innovative metaverse platform, the partnership is poised to bring more people from the traditional web to the metaverse and revolutionize how fans experience sports globally.

Metaverse Growth

The metaverse market has been growing rapidly, with a reported 3.3% growth in 2022 despite the “crypto winter,” and industry experts predict a market capitalization of over $5 trillion by 2030. Companies across various industries are eager to get a piece of this booming market, recognizing the potential for growth and the increasing demand for virtual experiences.

As more people spend time in the virtual world, companies and organizations are rushing to establish a presence in this space and meet the growing needs of their audiences. For example, the English Premier League recently announced plans to join the NFT and metaverse world by partnering up with Sorare to create EPL NFT trading cards.

The potential for growth in the metaverse market is vast, and companies that invest in this space now stand to reap significant benefits in the future. The metaverse is the future of entertainment, commerce, education, and social interaction.

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