South Korean Capital City Has Launched Metaverse Seoul’s First Stage

South Korea Capital, Seoul, is going to introduce a closed trial operation of its Metaverse program’s initial phase on Wednesday. The respective trial run will be focused on the virtual reconstruction of the Seoul Plaza and the city hall of the capital. The respective project will permit the members to take part in games as well as the rest of the interactive operations.

South Korean Capital Starts the First Phase of ‘Metaverse Seoul’

In addition to this, the respective project is also comprised of a counseling room of virtual nature for young people, giving them the ability to contact their mentors as well as discuss their apprehensions thereof. The administration of the city has elaborated that this project will assist in offering comfort to those who feel uncomfortable while physically going to or facing their mentors personally.

The project will take into account up to 3,200 members coming from Seoul Learn (the online learning venues operating within the city) as well as the experts belonging to Seoul IT Tech Governance Group. The name of this project is Metaverse Seoul. The attention of the initial phase of this project is directed toward its formal launch which would take place at the denouement of November 2022.

In the formal release of Metaverse Seoul, those digital services will be included that can be applied by the citizens to get diverse proof documents. Along with this, the establishment of a complaint center related to Metaverse has also been constructed to offer a service for live chat to get the solution to the queries conveniently.

Metaverse Sees New Heights in South Korea

In the previous year, a strategy was declared by the city to recreate the respective city in the form of a virtual place existing within the Metaverse world. That plan was estimated to be accomplished in 5 years and it was based on 3 phases. With these tech-based initiatives, South Korea has emerged as a pioneer and leading country in terms of Metaverse expansion.

The private sector as well as the government of the country seem to be both mutually standing on the Metaverse frontier. Such endeavors would potentially take the cumulative valuation of the Metaverse to US$800B by 2024, providing exclusive revenue streams in the case of entertainment, social media, as well as gaming industries.

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