Sports Metaverse Firm LootMogul Receives An Investment Of $200M From Gem Global Yield

LootMogul, a sports Metaverse venture received up to $200M in an investment commitment made by Gem Global Yield, offering the firm a share subscription service of nearly $200M for thirty-six months after a listing of the equity exchange.

LootMogul Gets $200M Funding from GEM Global Yield for Metaverse-Based Sports Games

As per the firm, the funding will expectedly increase the span of LootMogul’s endeavors related to metaverse-based sports games, taking into account the construction of the virtual sports cities in the world of the Metaverse with the provision of real-world advantages, the availability of brands as well as professional athletes on a real multichain (containing blockchain and metaverse) venue on several devices like Mobile, Web, Console, HoloLens, and Oculus.

In this way, LootMogul will be permitted to manage the maximum size as well as the timing of these drawdowns with no least drawdown compulsion. With this funding, the metaverse of Lootmogul will get financial flexibility for its strategic advancement strategy. Enthusiasm has been shown by LootMogul regarding the respective investment commitment.

Raj Rajkotia, the CEO of LootMogul, brought to the front that this commitment would permit for an immersive engagement of the brands, fans, as well as athletes along with the instruments to cover the experiences between the real world and the web 3-based metaverses.

This move has been taken after a collaboration of LootMogul that was declared in August this year with DigitalBits (an open-source blockchain platform).

GEM Global Yield Advances Metaverse Endeavors with Its Capital

The respective partnership was done for the development of the gaming ecosystem’s local token named MOGUL. The token will reportedly become a part of the liquidity pool for XDB/MOGUL on NicoSwap (a decentralized exchange).

With an amount of approximately 3.4B in funds, the position of GEM has been that of a capital providing services to the rest of the ventures operating within the crypto industry.

In June 2022, almost $200M was invested by the group in Unizen (a CeDeFi-based exchange). In addition to this, it invested $150M in H20 Securities (a platform based in South Africa) via the H20N token’s sale.

GEM administers different investment vehicles’ set with having accomplished more than 540 transfers across up to 72 countries. The investors of the venue are offered a diversified asset-class portfolio with a worldwide spectrum of private investments.

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