The 2022 Metaverse Expo in Las Vegas: 8 July – 10 July

The 2022 Metaverse Expo is a three-day event at the LA Convention Center, starting from 8 – 10 July 2022. The event will connect industry experts, crypto fans, and entrepreneurs in the Gaming, NFT, and Metaverse industries.

Inviting exhibitors from different walks of life, the Metaverse Expo features key panelists and speakers, including TEDx’s Justin Goldston and Project Nightfall Organization’s motivational presenter Agon Hare. The event will cover themes related to blockchain, Metaverse, and NFTs. They include:

  • Introduction to crypto and blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intro to Metaverse
  • Metaverse Architecture
  • Digital fashion and Tech
  • Metaverse Entrepreneurship
  • Web3 economics and business
  • Decentralized finance
  • Blockchain gaming and esports
  • Blockchain-based Metaverse apps

The Expo will happen in three days inside the recognized LA Convention Centre. Also, it includes live performance, NFT, virtual land giveaways, panel discussions, plus an opportunity to collaborate with leading industry experts.

Exhibitors will select from three varying booth packages, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, which comprise 20 free tickets plus a speaking slot during the event. You can visit their website to register for booths at the Expo.

TCG World is among the leading metaverse projects developing on BSM (Binance Smart Chain) and recently launched Alpha access to selected users. TCG World involves non-fungible tokens – virtual pets, cars, and player avatars.

JPiC, the co-hosts, is a firm committed to planning the first Jigsaw Puzzle Convention. It will organize the Metaverse Expo and offer free entry to enthusiasts that buy the Expo 22 tickets. Recently, JPic was on Shark Tank and received a whopping 200,000 pounds investment fund from Alexander Fenech.

Meanwhile, the three-day event will connect more than 6,000 visitors globally. Interested individuals can visit their official website to access Metaverse Expo 22 tickets. You can join the upcoming Expo to learn about the digital world from experts.

The NFTs and Metaverse witnessed a boom over the past day. For instance, Jack Dorsey’s first tweet (NFT) sold for $2.9 million. However, the non-fungible market crashed as the hype fizzled.

Will the LA Metaverse Expo 22 bring the craze into the light again? Feel free to use the comment section below for your replies.

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