The Pentagon Papers NFT: A Historic Collaboration between Whistleblowers Edward Snowden & Daniel Ellsberg

NFTs are popping out everywhere, with more celebrities joining the fad daily. It is common to see celebrities create art to take advantage of their massive following. Celebrities like The latest installment in this moving franchise is Edward Snowden’s Pentagon Papers NFT.

According to PleasrDAO, the first PleasrHouse episode will feature Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and Freedom of the Press, where they will auction the Pentagon Papers NFT on the stream. The show takes place on Thursday at 3 pm EST.

The Pentagon Papers NFT

According to Decrypt, Edward and Daniel had the idea to co-create the piece as a tribute to Daniel’s exploits in 1971 when he released the controversial papers dubbed wouldn’t you go to “prison to end this war.”

These new digital assets are not Edward’s first rodeo with NFTs; in April 2021, Edward and The Freedom of the Press released another set of NFTs called “stay free.” The art piece sold for $5.5 million to PleasrDAO, who then went on to commend Snowden for everything he has done for humanity.


PleasrDAO is a talk show that collects high-value art, entertains with interviews, and educates people about art. The company was formed as a tribute to Emily Yang, and its first-ever purchase was the stay-free NFT from Edward.

The firm has come a long way since then, and its new show, PleasrHouse, will focus on the works of activists and whistleblowers. According to the marketing head at PleasrDAO, Chris Eberle, the proceeds from the sale will go to the Freedom of the Press to fund their operations. He emphasizes that the proceeds could fund a year plus of the organization’s missions.

PleasrDAO has previously done some exciting projects to help people around the world. The best-known example is UkraineDao, which was formed after the Russian-Ukraine war to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

With NFTs such as the Trump cards selling out in hours, the question remains, Will the Edward papers be popular? I think so, given the massive amounts of government secrets in the papers. So let us see why the Pentagon Papers NFTs are a big deal.

Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg

Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg are American whistleblowers who have significantly contributed to the public’s understanding of government surveillance and secrecy.

Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, 2013 publicly disclosed classified information from the NSA, including information about the agency’s mass surveillance programs.

His disclosures revealed a wide range of global surveillance activities, many of which were conducted by the United States and its allies in violation of privacy laws and civil liberties. Snowden has been living in Russia since being granted asylum there in 2013.

Daniel Ellsberg, an economist, historian, and former United States military analyst employed by the RAND Corporation released the Pentagon Papers in 1971. The Pentagon Papers were a classified study of U.S. decision-making about the Vietnam War that the Department of Defense had commissioned.

Ellsberg leaked the papers to several newspapers, including The New York Times, to end the war. The publication of the papers caused a national sensation and led to a legal battle that went to the Supreme Court.

Snowden and Ellsberg have faced legal repercussions for their actions, but their disclosures have significantly impacted public discourse and policy.

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