These Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrencies Will Likely Explode Before 2024

Individuals globally are focusing on adopting healthy lifestyles at a rate never seen. That’s a beautiful thing, as healthier individuals build healthier lives for the people around them. With health & fitness becoming easy and accessible each day, it’s without surprise that the craze is entering the crypto world.

The recent development in that context is the web3 model and move-to-earn, where users receive prizes for participating in fitness-associated activities. Meanwhile, individuals can earn extra cash for exercises such as walking, jogging, and running, while navigating virtual worlds and exploring different levels as they battle each other. This article explores three lucrative play-to-move assets set to explode before 2024. Let us dive in.

  • FightOut: Gamifying Fitness
  • STEPN: Move & Earn with NFT Shoes
  • Genopets: Pokémon Go experience

FightOut: Gamifying Fitness

FightOut is the latest M2E fitness gym chain and app that trusts everyone can have an active and healthy lifestyle. Users access workouts customized to their needs, abilities, and goals. That should be something other than cost-prohibitive. Moreover, individuals should receive rewards for their efforts, ensuring healthier lifestyles for societal benefits.

FightOut (FGHT) offers users a gamified fitness experience. They will receive rewards for completing different workouts and challenges, growing the community as they earn badges. FightOut remains outstanding from other gamified platforms as the player’s soul-bound avatar will transform as the individual progresses with his journey.

Users can utilize the avatars to experience the metaverse, testing their physicality with other FightOut community members. FGHT adopted a user-friendly technology. Meanwhile, virtual avatars have significant web3 utility. The platform bridges web2 to web3.

The project uses $FGHT as its native token. Users will use the coin to pay in the app, translating to massive adoption and an increase in the token’s value with time. In addition, FightOut caters to everyone, allowing individuals to follow their fitness journey as they attain their health and fitness goals. That makes the M2E cryptocurrency project a stable candidate for upsides before 2024.

STEPN: Move & Earn with NFT Shoes

STEPN is the most-known move-to-earn cryptocurrency project globally. It rewards users for completing new workouts. They earn GST (Green Satoshi Tokens) in the walking, cycling, and running applications. More activities by the users mean increased opportunities to receive GST coins.

GST has utility as users can utilize the coins to buy an avatar, & upgrade avatars within the app. In addition, users can exchange the tokens for other crypto assets or invest in GTS. Meanwhile, users should buy NFT sneakers to start receiving rewards.

The virtual sneaker will determine user earnings through the application. Meanwhile, users can upgrade their sneakers and exchange non-fungible sneakers to attain new heights. Higher sneaker levels translate to more tokens earned.

Genopets: Pokémon Go Experience

Pokemon Go lovers will likely enjoy Genopets. This cryptocurrency project allows users to grow and protect their digital pets by moving around. As a result, the pet gains more strength depending on the user’s movements. Moreover, users receive prices depending on the number of daily completed tasks.

The best thing is you do not need an investment to join this move-to-earn project. Instead, you can start moving and receive rewards. Moreover, users can personalize their Genopet NFTs according to their liking while accumulating experience according to daily steps.

The platform has two tokens; KL for rewards and GENE for network governance. Remember, you can join for free and mine NFTs to sell in-game products, including crystals and habitats.

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