TIME Collaborates with Sandbox to Build Digital TIME Square in Metaverse

TIME Magazine has partnered with Sandbox to introduce a Metaverse-based virtual TIMES Square.

TIME Magazine stretches its strides into the NFT and crypto space by collaborating with a blockchain firm, The Sandbox, to introduce digital TIME Square within the Metaverse world.

Introducing Virtual Times Square

The official announcement revealed that New York’s Times Square neighborhood inspired the move with its ‘virtual spirit ‘energy.’ Times Square is a renowned cultural center and tourist destination in midtown Manhattan, United States.

Individuals know the area for its illuminated, vast advertising billboards. Moreover, they consider the region ‘the world’s crossroads’ and ‘heart of New York.’

TIME plans to venture into the Metaverse, recreating something similar. The collaboration will see the media company building TIME Square on its Sandbox’s virtual land. That would make TIME’S first Metaverse move since joining the NFT sector in 2021.

The Heart of Metaverse

The renowned media firm introduced TIMEpieces in September last year. TIMEpieces is a non-fungible token community initiative comprising original artwork of over 40 prominent artists.

Meanwhile, the community boasts four NFT collections: Slices of TIME, Beatclub Collection, Long Neckie Women, Inspiration, and Genesis.

Keith A. Grossman, TIME’s president, revealed the firm’s objective is to create a digital atmosphere that would be the heart of Metaverse. He added that they have been working on a community within Web3 that profited from the access & 100-year legacy TIME boasts.

A Natural Bridge

TIME Square will represent an inclusive network for TIMEPieces users to benefit from unique experiences like attending events and meetings by TIME Studios for recreational and educational purposes.

Grossman revealed that TIME Square would offer a natural bridge between the firm’s historical coverage, virtual community, real-life events, and global relationships.

Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget stated that working with TIME means adding TIMEPieces as the soul and heart of the digital Manhattan. Moreover, TIME Square will offer a creative place within the Metaverse for creators and brands.

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Editorial credit: Ira Lichi / shutterstock.com

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