Top Crypto Gainers Today – Orbeon Protocol & Minifootball

Most experienced investors assess projects to understand the ones with the potential to generate substantial returns. Minifootball has recorded notable gains recently, Though Orbeon Protocol has attracted many with its astronomical growth, attaining a 655% upsurge in phases 1 & 2.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol seems prepared to disrupt the venture capital world by utilizing blockchain to create an environment that would benefit millions of small-scale investors seeking opportunities and businesses looking for funding.

Orbeon Protocol has a multi-chain exchange, providing a leading investment ecosystem. It permits impressive early-stage firms in web3 & beyond to access funds by clearing the path to day-to-day investors. It attains via fractionalized & equity-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs). That ensures undisputable proof of ownership on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, the ORBN coin is crucial to the ecosystem’s functioning. Investors and firms running investment campaigns utilize the token when interacting with Launchpad. Also, ORBN offers lucrative benefits, including voting privileges on the platform’s governance and cashback and trading discounts on Orbeon Swap.

Orbeon Swap is a secondary market & crypto trading platform. Meanwhile, Orbeon Protocol’s developers have confirmed their robust understanding of security and safety benefits. For instance, they sealed the team’s coin allocation for a year before quarterly releases and locked the token’s liquidity for around ten years.

Besides that, they used Solid Proof & the Fill or Kill mechanism to audit smart contracts. That means investors will receive refunds whenever the campaign fails to hit the funding target.

Minifootball – Meme Coin Transforming to Gaming

Minifootball has witnessed attractive price upticks over the past few weeks following the project’s recent marketing round. Minifootball started as a meme token focusing on soccer and Doge before pivoting amid its popularity to gaming and NFTs.

Minifootball boasts an impressive roadmap as it targets to redefine itself as a serious project, targeting long-term relevance. It has been working on a fantasy soccer game while promoting Play-2-Earn games on its website.

Minifootball has succeeded in marketing efforts, though yet to ensure much as far as releases are concerned. For instance, football legends such as Ronaldinho have publicly supported the project. Nevertheless, can the team capitalize on this soaring attention? Time will confirm.

Final Thought

Orbeon Protocol and Minifootball seem set to uptick, and experts turn ORBN as the most attractive project, forecasting a massive 6000% surge to $0.24 before the 2022 end. You can find more info on their official website. The overall crypto market rode bullish waves over the past day.

For instance, Bitcoin gained 2.39% overnight to trade at $17,218 during this publication. Moreover, the cumulative value of cryptos jumped by 2.16% within the past 24hrs to $858.33 billion. Nevertheless, bears still prevail, and downsides could follow.

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