Top NFT Picks for 2023: MANA, ApeCoin, and THETA Showing Growth Potential

The 2022 crypto winter brought significant losses to the entire crypto industry, with a market cap drop of over $60 billion. However, some crypto industry sectors will thrive despite this setback in 2023. In particular, NFT sales have seen significant growth, rising by over 30% since January 2023.

That’s despite a decrease in the number of transactions. Moreover, despite this drop in the number of transactions, NFT transactions have increased by over 25% in the past four weeks.

This surge in NFT sales highlights the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens as unique digital assets, which have gained increased attention in the art, gaming, and collectibles industries.

With their unique characteristics and growing adoption, NFTs are poised to play a leading part in the future of the crypto industry. Today we will analyze my top picks for NFT assets and see their growth potential in the coming months.


MANA, on Sunday, appears to display a good U-shaped pattern in its daily time frame chart. The recent weeks have shown some volatility, with the price fluctuating between $0.7 and $0.6, which could indicate a bullish run for MANA.

The harmonious movement between these levels suggests stability and potential for growth, making MANA a valuable asset to keep an eye on for those in the crypto market.

On Sunday, MANA saw a significant surge in buying pressure, with the asset gaining 15% to trade at $0.79 after starting at $0.74. This sudden increase in demand for MANA is a promising sign for the asset and its investors.

If the asset can close above the key resistance level of $0.75, it could signal the start of a bullish trend for the asset. This potential bull run could attract even more attention and investment, further driving the price of MANA upward. Investors in the crypto market should keep a close eye on the price of MANA as it continues to show signs of growth.


APECOIN is undergoing a bullish trend after a prolonged period of stability, as indicated by its 2-week ascending channel pattern. This bullish cycle is a positive sign, reflecting strong commitment from buyers and growing demand for the asset.

As a result, the price of APECOIN has already seen a substantial 14% uptick in just the past seven days. If this buying pressure continues, it could lead to even greater growth, with predictions of a potential 24% increase and a breaking of the $7 barrier.

This pressure could push APECOIN towards the $9 mark, further solidifying its position as a good digital asset in the crypto market. With the crypto industry constantly evolving, APECOIN’s bullish trend could be a valuable opportunity for investors to consider.


THETA, another digital asset in the crypto space, shows a promising upward trend with a U-shaped pattern on its daily charts. The coin has seen significant growth, rising over 50% in the last weekend of January and breaking the $1.1 mark.

The upward trend is expected to continue, with the potential to surpass the $1.32 resistance level and reaches as high as $1.7, representing a further 50% increase.

With the crypto industry constantly evolving, THETA’s U-shaped pattern and bullish trend could be a valuable opportunity for those looking to invest in a good digital asset with growth potential.

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