Ukrainian Art Museum Kharkiv’s NFT Collection “Art Without Borders” Is Now Present On Binance NFT Marketplace

With the expansion in the Web3 world, the use cases of non-fungible tokens are continuously increasing. Nonetheless, even within the sector of art, the utility of the non-fungible tokens is going through a reinvention as an art museum in Ukraine is witnessing the same.

Ukraine-Based Art Museum to Auction an NFT Collection to Protect Cultural and Art Heritage

Kharkiv Art Museum declared that its NFT collection entitled “Art without Borders” is at present accessible on the NFT marketplace of Binance. The collection takes into account fifteen art pieces from the collection of the museum. The proceeds will be specified for funding the museum as well as saving the Ukrainian cultural heritage, as mentioned in the official declaration.

The museum is categorized among the oldest in the country. It contains approximately 25,000 fine artworks developed on the behalf of the artists residing within Ukraine and across the globe. The latest NFT collection takes into account the artworks by Simon de Vlieger, Ivan Aivazovsky, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, Albrecht Dürer, and many others.

NFTs Are the Best Option to Confirm Donations’ Secure Reach to the Destination, Says Binance NFT’s Head

Lisa He, the head of Binance NFT, disclosed that at the point when a conflict is going on between Russia and Ukraine and donors are pursuing to have a safe method to donate the funds in their possession, NFTs are considered to be a hope. She added that blockchain’s transparency additionally permits the donors to be aware of if and when their funds reached the desired destination.

NFTs have been used by Museums as a method for art’s digitalization in the previous time and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp is an example of this with the tokenization of one piece in the collection thereof. In the meantime, Kharkiv city has been facing extreme fighting during the ongoing clash between Russia and Ukraine. So, the utility of the respective collection can protect the culture which is at the moment threatened to be destroyed.

Lisa He revealed that the merge of the enduring cultural heritage of Ukraine and the promising NFT technology will help the reconstruction of the culture as well as the history of the country. In advance of that, non-fungible tokens have been utilized to assist Ukraine in the present turbulent times. The profits gathered from the NFT auction were allocated to help in the restoration of physical monuments which were damaged during the conflict.

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