Why Young Individuals Need the Metaverse: Lou Yu

You might have heard about the Metaverse regardless of your occupation. Many have hailed this technology, including Facebook, which rebranded to Meta in October last year, and Microsoft.

The Metaverse remains a crucial innovation for the next internet generation as it offers an option for users to interact within a digital world.

KuCoin Labs’ head Lou Yu is among the individuals bullish on the Metaverse innovation. KuCoin Labs is the incubation and investment arm of crypto exchange KuCoin.

She trusts the Metaverse would define the next generation of internet entrepreneurs. Also, she confirmed putting her cash at her mount by investing in multiple Metaverse companies.

Why the Metaverse?

She says the Metaverse attracts most individuals due to the available freedom. Lou Yu explains that the Metaverse allows us to do things that aren’t acceptable in the ‘real’ globe.

For instance, flying and throwing objects in an ocean is unethical in the real world but not a mess when in the digital world.

Something doable within the Metaverse but somewhat impossible in real life is purchasing property, which’s Blocktopia’s cornerstone.

Blocktopia is among the firms that KuCoin Labs invested in. It’s a metaverse comprising a skyscraper where users could be virtual landlords, play games, build networks and earn revenue. The tower has 21 levels.

Lou stated that people are buying empty lands in the Metaverse and lending to individuals to launch their projects like building structures.

She tells Charles Miller of CoinGeek that she trusts the social aspect is crucial in the popularity of these platforms, which many young individuals join to connect amidst the COVID-driven lockdowns.

She stated that Cryowar is among the games that KuCoin Labs invested in. the NFT multiplayer game enjoyed popularity from the young gen in 2021. Luo suggested that younger individuals need such games to socialize and make money to support their families and lifestyles.

Moreover, young individuals appear more comfortable risking in Metaverse games than digital assets such as Bitcoin. She believes such cases would gradually attract more people to these communities. Developers will likely introduce more lucrative features as the ecosystem grows.

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