The Metaverse is a digital world where individuals can interact and share experiences in real-time. The innovation has seen increased popularity in all sectors within a decade. It started in the movie industry before flourishing in other businesses.

Moreover, there are no signals that the hype about the Metaverse, especially Metaverse games, will fade. A study indicated that the metaverse industry could be worth around $5 trillion come 2030. Also, the prediction indicated that the Metaverse will host over 50% of live events by 2030.

Further, the live gaming sector is thriving because of the Metaverse. Therefore, enthusiasts can expect revolutionized video game industry in the upcoming times. Let us analyze the top Metaverse games as we welcome 2023.

Top Metaverse Games of 2022

The Sandbox

Sandbox is among the most popular P2E Metaverse games. It comprises a digital world where people can own and profit from different gaming-associated opportunities. Sandbox has attracted gamers from games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

Meanwhile, Sandbox can give developers ownership via NFTs. Moreover, it raises individuals participating in the game, explaining its immense 7% market share.

Sandbox Pros

  • Its decentralized system makes purchasing, trading, and selling different assets straightforward.
  • Offer multiple products to assist clients.
  • SAND owners can contribute to platform governance.

Sandbox Cons

  • The SAND token has a substantial economic limitation.
  • Its limitations mean it has a given target market.
  • Creators are yet to develop the project fully.


Decentraland is among the leading P2E real estate non-fungible token games. It was the initial gaming platform to allow gamers to use crypto to buy Metaverse land and use their plots to do their favorite things. Nonetheless, purchasing land has become more challenging as demand increases.

Decentraland often dominates Metaverse debates as it allows users to control land plots and use VR headsets to play games. The Metaverse aims at enabling individuals to interact. The gaming site uses MANA as its native token or money.

Decentraland Pros

  • Its token, MANA, has multiple applications.
  • Developers improve the ecosystem continuously.
  • Individuals can earn MANA by selling land or auctioning NFTs.

Decentraland Cons

  • Lacks fascinating material
  • Decentraland is susceptible to cyberattacks

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another recognizable Metaverse game. Meanwhile, it has been a like staple in the crowded non-fungible token gaming space since its 2018 launch. The gaming uses distinctive digital creatures – the Axies. Remember, Axie Infinity’s core resembles Pokémon. Player battle with different Axis to win rewards. Meanwhile, the game uses Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) as its native token.

Axie Infinity Pros

  • It boasts a strong economy and ecosystem.
  • Its native token fluctuates according to prevailing market rates during gaming.
  • It expands continuously.

Axie Infinity Cons

  • The NFTs’ overvaluation is risky.
  • Non-fungible tokens may be overinflated.


Sorare is another P2E game welcoming individuals into the Metaverse. Meanwhile, players utilize real cash to assemble their teams. That makes it different from fantasy football. Sorare allows people to purchase cards based on real gamers using digital coins. Moreover, the project supports over 200 licensed clubs globally, ensuring multiple options.

Sorare Pros

  • The project endorses popular soccer players such as Gerard Pique.
  • Ensure non-fungible tokens’ true utility.
  • It’s Ethereum-powered, meaning it runs on a worldwide scale.

Sorare Cons

  • Users can only buy crypto.
  • Users cannot use debit or credit cards to purchase a pack of cards.

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