Arizona State University to Join the Metaverse Bandwagon

New hints highlight possible Metaverse entry by Arizona State University. ASO applied for seven trademarks with USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) about multiple metaverse-associated services and goods.

The 7 June trademark applications include the school’s name and its sports team’s (Sun Devils) logo for use within the digital environment. Meanwhile, participants can interact for entertainment, leisure, or recreational purposes. Also, learners can continue studying.

Josh Gerben, the trademark attorney who revealed the filings, stated that ASU has impressive strategies for the Web3 and the Metaverse. Among them include classes within a virtual atmosphere, sports highlights video NFTs, documents authentication, campus landmarks artwork, and event tickets NFTs.

Arizona States University is among the leading public universities in the US by enrollment, enrolling more than 77K students during the 2021 fall semester. Also, it had over 57K attending via its online studying platform.

The impressive success in its digital immersion studying option might have triggered the steps towards the Metaverse. Meanwhile, ASU’s Casey Evan had called digital learning the school’s lucrative tool to allow students to proceed with learning amid physical separations.

Increasing Metaverse Interest

The filings by Arizona State University highlight the impressive Metaverse traction. Metaverse became a dominant term for augmented and virtual reality on blockchain technology. Meanwhile, this innovation received attention from various industries, including retail businesses, fashion, governments, sports & entertainment, and foods & beverages. Some notable entities interested in the Metaverse include the South Korean government and the English Premier League. The craze seems ready to define our future.

Analysis by Bloomberg indicates that the flourishing Metaverse industry might promote growth in various industries and sectors within the crypto space. Some markets that can benefit from the craze include the VR, AR, and GPU hardware makers and the design & development software makers.

Also, Bloomberg believes the Metaverse will enhance non-fungible tokens and utilize coins massively. Moreover, NFTs cement their space in the Metaverse space by giving clients data sovereignty.

What are your thoughts about the Metaverse innovation? Will it define our future? Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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