Donald Trump’s NFT Craze Continues: Win Prizes with the Latest Collection of Trading Cards

Donald Trump is at NFTs again with his newest attempt at capitalizing on the market. In December, the former president’s NFT craze saw the collection sell out in less than one day. The collection featured many Trump pictures in heroic poses and positions of power.

On Friday, the company behind the launch, Parler, launched a reward-based sweepstake prize from the new Trump NFT trading cards dubbed “Win Trump prizes.”

According to the Company, NFT fans and enthusiasts can win a one-on-one call with the president or a group call featuring a ridiculous number of people. In addition, fans can also win a copy of “Our Journey Together” by Donald Trump, published in 2021.

Breakdown of the Prizes

According to market watch, the prizes will include a ticket to a zoom meeting with Trump that will cost $45 or 0.03 ETH, and a private zoom meeting will cost upwards of $1300. According to the promoters, users will redeem the tickets at the convenience of Trump and the company.

The promotion also notes that users can redeem a single ticket to a group meeting of 2000 people and calls it a question-answer forum. However, there is no guarantee that the guests will be able to ask questions or that the former president will answer.

A sweepstakes prize is a type of contest where winners are chosen randomly. The CollectTrumpCards team says that if you win a prize in their sweepstakes, you will receive another NFT equivalent to that prize.

The team also adds that it will mint and send the NFT to your wallet in 2 hours. Additionally, users can view their NFTs in a secondary sales channel, like Binance, Rarible, and OpenSea, or wait for their assets to grow as per their potential.

When the company first released its collection in 2022, users were promised many perks, including the book mentioned earlier and a chance to win a sweepstake prize. According to the promotion last year, anyone who bought over 45 NFTs in the collection could stand a chance to win a banquet dinner with Trump.

The collection featured a massive 45,000 collection of the former president in many different poses, and some buyers are already looking to make a profit. Some of the NFT holders are trying to sell their prizes at a profit, with some selling for over $200,000.

The “Win Prizes” Collection

The new collection of trading cards was off to a slow start compared to last year’s collection. According to OpenSea, despite the company’s enthusiasm, the collection has made under $55,000 in sales in the last day. This figure is small compared to over $3.5 million at the peak of the first collection.

The NFT collection could have been more popular in many ways, attracting few sales. However, some of the pieces in the collection did garner a lot of curious eyes. One particular NFT that guarantees a call with the former president sold for less than $30 and took the spotlight, with the private meeting looking like the collection’s main attraction.

However, the most expensive NFT was the card that promised a gala dinner with Donald Trump. At the time of writing, the card was worth over $1441.83 or 0.93 ETH. A significant number in any respect. The price could stem from the exclusivity and prestige of attending a gala dinner with a former President of the United States.

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