Helium Network: The Web3 Savior or Another Speculative Bubble?

Author and entrepreneur Liron Shapira see Helium Network as a speculative bubble. As he highlighted, Helium is a blockchain with the most lucrative use case outside crypto.

Andreessen Horowitz’s State of Cryptocurrency report revealed the benefits of Helium as far as the blockchain industry is concerned.

Shapira also pointed out that Helium raised more than $360 million in funding. Nevertheless, generalists revealed that Helium boasts a mere $6.5K monthly total returns from consumer activity.

Helium: An Unkempt Bubble?

Shapira confirms that Helium accumulated more than $250 million after selling its hotspot nodes to obtain passive income.

Meanwhile, he added that Reddit users revealed their obstruction about their investments. Shapira highlighted that their earnings declined to $20 per month. Moreover, most of the returns came from speculating $HNT.

Shapira indicated that the firm hasn’t qualified for funding by Web2 firms due to the absence of consumer demand. He trusts Helium is a speculative bubble with overblown use cases.

How Helium Might Prove Skeptics Wrong

The generalist trusts Helium’s foray into the 5G sector could mean a massive win for the firm. The worldwide telecommunication space is among the largest growing industries, with less competition.

Escape Velocity co-founder Salvador Gala stated that leading telecom companies such as AT&T are bound to global governments. He trusts decentralized wireless networks are crucial for the future.

Helium is yet to signal its move into architectures like CDN, VPN, and Wi-Fi. The generalist suggests that the company should expand its utility as the platform’s demand is yet to match supply capacity.

Generalists trusts collaborating with Solana (SOL) could help bolster Helium’s demand. That’s because it would reduce technological pressure.

Meanwhile, the crypto market continued to plunge today. The cumulative value of digital assets saw a 4.66% dip within the past 24 hours to $966.13 billion. Bears emerged over the weekend and stretched their actions into the new week, dragging the index beneath the crucial $1 trillion.

Meanwhile, the crypto market volume increased by 14.53% within the previous day to $76.72 billion. Crypto investors might prepare for retracements this week.

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