NFT Company Floor Acquires Analytics Platform to Enhance User Experience & Provide Valuable Insights

NFT company Floor has announced that they have acquired, an analytics platform specializing in NFTs. The two companies expect this acquisition to bring together the best from the companies, with Floor’s popular NFT portfolio application, “Floor,” and WGMI’s analytics expertise.

The collaboration aims to enhance the user experience and provide valuable insights for NFT investors and creators. Floor, the creator of the popular NFT portfolio application “Floor,” has had a successful year, with over $8 million in investments.

The company’s native token is also performing well, acquiring, a strategic move for Floor to continue its growth in the NFT market. WGMI’s analytics integration capabilities should add a new dimension to the Floor ecosystem and provide valuable insights for NFT investors and creators.

According to Chris Maddern, the CEO of Floor, the acquisition of will accelerate the company’s progress in becoming a big fish player in the NFT industry. He states that there are many things that WGMI does that can benefit Floor and that the acquisition will allow the company to make strides in the industry.

Maddern also notes that his time working with WGMI’s CEO, Thomas Mancini, has shown him that Mancini has a real passion for increasing functionality and features in the platform and that their interests align sharply. With the acquisition complete, Mancini has joined Floor as a full member, bringing his expertise and passion for the company to continue to grow and innovate in the NFT market.

In the latter half of 2021, Floor made its debut with an initial collection that users could access by utilizing a token-based gate system. The platform quickly gained popularity through various social media and word of mouth. By mid-2022, the company had secured substantial funding, raising over $8 million.

Additionally, the team welcomed Christine Hall as their new Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Despite the crypto winter of 2022, Floor weathered the storm relatively well.

While the company did experience some loss in revenue, it was not as severe as some of its competitors. According to the CEO and COO, this stability was due to strategic partnerships they had with prime players in the NFT space.

These partnerships allowed Floor to offer a more seamless onboarding experience for users, which helped to drive continued growth in the company’s user base. Floor partnered with several leading NFT creators and artists, giving users exclusive access to some of the most sought-after digital assets on the market.

This aspect helped to further differentiate the platform from its competitors and solidify its position as a leading player in the NFT space.

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