Past Nintendo President Says Gaming Firms Will Top The Metaverse

The term “metaverse” has gained traction over the years. Recently, several firms have invested millions in the new industry. However, the question remains, which sector will hold the top spot in the metaverse?

Former Nintendo Boss Believes Gaming Enterprises Will Lead In The Metaverse 

The battle for the top spot in the metaverse started when the new tech became popular. Although various industries have invested in the new idea, several things remain unclear. Among them is the problem of who will lead in the virtual world. 

Meanwhile, the former Nintendo boss believes that gaming Enterprises will take the number one spot. Reggie Fils-Aimé was the president of the gaming company from 2006 to 2019. 

He placed his bet on Sony and Nintendo to lead the digital world. Fils-Aimé noted that both firms are better equipped and have the needed experience and designs.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance on gaming companies and the metaverse, he added that;

“I believe the gaming enterprise will fuel the metaverse. People would want to have the metaverse experience if companies can make it compelling.”

Also, Fils-Aimé noted that elements of the metaverse are found in gaming platforms today. Some gaming companies already have different virtual worlds and use digital avatars. 

As a result, moving from conventional to metaverse gaming will not be difficult. The transition will be easier for most gaming firms with metaverse elements in their function. 

Gaming And The Digital World 

According to predictions, the metaverse will be worth trillions once it becomes operational. Analysts have referred to it as an opportunity worth $13 billion. 

Also, the digital world can attract billions of users worldwide. Hence, gaming companies and other industries are quickly keying into the nascent sector. 

Various gaming enterprises have even bought virtual real estate to site their offices on the metaverse. Companies like Sony, owner of the Playstation, have added the metaverse to their business plan. 

Sony noted that it plans to create a new digital experience in the metaverse. It will use the strengths of its numerous business and gaming experience to drive its metaverse goal.

Another company that has declared interest in the virtual world is Microsoft. The tech company has acquired Activision as part of its metaverse expansion. 

The past Nintendo President agreed that it is crucial to focus on metaverse development. Gaming companies should spend resources to integrate their operations with the digital world. 

However, the primary objective should be to provide exciting content for users. Fils-Aimé applauded From Software which developed the Elden Ring game. Also, famous billionaire Elon Musk referred to Elden Ring as a “beautiful” game.

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