Warner Music Group Teams Up With NFT Marketplace OpenSea

Warner Music Group (WMG), which is a worldwide company known for its entertainment and music, proclaimed doing a collaboration with OpenSea – a marketplace for NFTs. This collaborative venue will facilitate music artists to create and expand their fan community within Web3 space.

Warner Music Group to Offer Unique Web3 Opportunities in Collaboration with OpenSea

This partnership between the two companies will facilitate Warner Music Group’s artists to access the advanced features of OpenSea, which are recently launched, before anyone else. By using these features artists will be able to launch their own NFTs and projects (of limited edition) on specific customizable pages.

The artists of WMG will be provided with the facility of customized pages to get access to the individualized storytelling feature. They will also have the facility of retaining high security and safety features of the OpenSea industry. The goal of this cooperation was to shift current fans of music artists of WMG to OpenSea. The fans will be introduced to some new ways of creativity as well as connections via NFTs.

Thus,  a door will be opened to infinite opportunities to get connected with artists and music within the horizon of Web3. Shiva Rajaraman (the VP of products) said that NFTs provide an exclusive platform for musicians and artists to have a direct connection with fans globally.

The executive vice president of business development as well as chief digital officer at Warner Music Group – Oana Ruxandra – stated that the pillars of the music industry are the fans and music artists as well as the way they all join each other and get entertained by their favorite music.  This association with OpenSea will provide the facility for music artists to open an ocean of possible opportunities to build enthusiastic connections with their fans.

Warner Music Group Carries out Partnership with Splinterlands for Blockchain-Based Games

The first music-based NFT collection is in its developmental process under the collaboration of Warner Records UK and Web3 organization “Probably Nothing.” WMG’s report states that this partnership between the two companies is the most advanced endeavor to establish a music organization’s expertise in the world of Web3.

At the beginning of 2022, a report stated that Warner Music Group had declared collaboration with an imaginative game developer named “Splinterlands” to design a new blockchain-based arcade game, for a play-to-earn gaming experience.

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