Epic Games Store Launches Its First-Ever Non-Fungible Token Game

Epic Games – video game generating organization – declared the release of the NFT game “Blankos Block Party”. This is the 1st NFT game going to be launched on the marketplace of Epic Games.

The Initial NFT Game to Be Released by Epic Games Store

Mythical Games – a video game store – firstly launched Blankos Block Party’s beta version on its platform in the year 2020. As the developers claim, the initial version got such popularity that up to 1 million users played it. Blankos Block Party is a shooting game but its most significant characteristic is its fascinating accessories as well as NFT characters. These products can be exchanged through the in-game store.

Even before its official release, it is available to be freely downloaded in its initial version till 28th September. After the aforementioned date, the complete version of this game with improved navigation and visual capabilities will be released. The exceptional feature of Blankos Block Party is that it can be played as well as its NFTs can be purchased and sold without getting connected to any external wallet.

A private blockchain network – which is based on EOSIO (rebranded as Antelope) – has been reserved for Blankos Block Party. The creation and Integration of non-fungible tokens in the marketplace do not require mining. Epic Games is a progressive gaming organization that decided to support NFT and Metaverse-based games. In April, it has planned to reserve about $2B for the establishment of the new metaverse.

The CEO of Blankos Block Party – Tim Sweeney – stated in a tweet that they would encourage all games which utilize blockchain, if and only if they adhere to the rules and regulations of the company. Minecraft’s announcement of withdrawal from blockchain turned people against the blockchain. Different users requested to delete all the NFT games from the game store.

Blankos Block Party’s CEO Negatively Responds to Community’s Request

In response to this request, Sweeney replied negatively. He expressed that freedom should be provided to the game developers in choosing any method to structure the games. The creators of operating systems and stores should not impose their opinions in this respect, he added.

Furthermore, a report stated that Epic Games Store does not have Blankos Block Party as the single game in its store. It is working in collaboration with Gala Games (a Web3-based game developing organization). Their hard work in this project will result in the launch of another shooting game shortly.

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