IMPT Partners with Another Major Retail Firm as Presale Ends in Less Than 24 Hours

IMPT announced yesterday its partnership with Nike, a popular footwear retailer. Nike joins the likes of Amazon and Sony as affiliate partners of IMPT. The project aims to link consumers worldwide with the numerous environmental projects supported by hundreds of famous retail firms.

When one buys a product through the IMPT platform(, a percentage of the purchase amount goes to the firms working to mitigate the effects of climate change. IMPT has raised over $17 million in two months. Its leadership announced that the IMPT token would be listed on exchanges at $0.025, representing a 10% increase from the final presale price.

Once the presale concludes, the IMPT token will be listed on centralized exchanges, including Changelly and LBank, with the listings on an additional seven exchanges in process. Also, it will be available on Uniswap, a decentralized crypto exchange.

IMPT Leaders Explain Project’s Approach to Climate Change at World Blockchain Summit

Following the success of the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, the 23rd edition of the summit was held in Bangkok earlier this week. IMPT CEO Denis Creighton and CTO Mike English took to the stage as keynote speakers on the climate change topic.

The two IMPT representatives explained how IMPT would utilize NFTs and blockchain technology to enhance transparency in the carbon credits market. By leveraging the power of the Ethereum network, IMPT’s ecosystem will let users buy, sell, and trade carbon credits by organizing them as NFTs, thus giving unique benefits to every stakeholder.

What Makes IMPT Project a Gamechanger

The ability to earn carbon credits makes IMPT tempting. When a user purchases from any participating retail partner on the IMPT platform, an extra profit in an IMPT token gets rewarded to them in their digital wallet. As a native ERC-20 token of the platform, users can swap the IMPT tokens earned for carbon credits in the ecosystem.

Since IMPT encourages businesses and individuals to adopt environmentally friendly practices, it makes it a promising project to watch in 2023. Carbon credits, as NFTs, will help eliminate the ‘double spend’ issue affecting the current market, thus making it a more secure and open system.

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