Metaverse Tokens to Consider as LUNA Remains Down – MKI, and GALA

3AC revealed that the catastrophic LUNA crash led to losses amounting to more than $200 million, and they have started mobilizing financial and legal experts to help them recover.

The Terra debacle was one of a kind, as LUNA lost approximately 100% of its valuation within a week. The turmoil occurred after UST lost its USD peg, translating to a massive crash for the stablecoin.

The latest and gradual market slump had the fear and index indicator through the roof, welcoming colossal sellouts. Bitcoin has dived since its $69K ATH, currently hovering below $21K. The leading crypto crashed more than 70% since its 2021 peak.

What tokens can you buy among current market conditions? Though the market stays scary, interested investors can diversify their investment portfolios with Metaverse tokens such as Gala (GALA) and Mehracki Token (MKI).

Mehracki Token (MKI)

The Solana blockchain founded Mehracki Token, a metaverse-based meme coin run by the community. Developers designed Mehracki as a learning tool for newbies in the cryptography space. Teaching with memes will allow the new market players to grasp cryptocurrency principles within a less stressful environment.

MKI will help advertise various ideas, including DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. Meanwhile, the community will guide that. Mehracki will boost engagement by rewarding community involvement through stakes and different incentives.

Furthermore, MKI will create NFTs for the most active members within the community, depending on the cash they spend and completed transactions, increasing their voting power. MKI might eventually outperform other stock indexes. Investors can access it in pre-sale soon. Meanwhile, you might invest in the asset and hope for substantial long-term returns.

Gala (GALA)

Gala is an ETH blockchain-based metaverse and gaming network. It aims at regaining control and placing it in the investors’ hands. Meanwhile, the Metaverse debut transformed video gaming. Online players can now make cash playing their favorite games. Gala guarantees an improved experience in crypto gaming.

Gala will flourish soon as the market sees more P2E games launched. The token seems to be among the high beneficiaries of the NFTs and Metaverse.

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