Minecraft Developers to Terminate In-Game NFTs

Minecraft seems like the best game to integrate personalized non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but that won’t happen soon.

Even with leading video games such as Tencent or Activision making strides into the NFT world, Minecraft creators want those digital collectibles far from their vicinity. Minecraft’s team, Mojang Studios, confirmed not allowing or supporting NFTs on the blockbuster game.

Mojang Studios suggested that incorporating non-fungible tokens in the game might privilege some players while undermining others. That’s because NFTs use a model that can bring exclusion and scarcity for gamers. Meanwhile, Minecraft developers are not ready to take such a risk.

No Place for Crypto & NFTs in Minecraft

The company’s statement revealed that the NFTs and blockchain technology don’t match Minecraft’s obligation of co-play and creative inclusion. That’s because NFTs allow gamers to receive rewards through other activities outside the Minecraft game.

Also, Mojang Studios stated that using in-game non-fungible tokens will shift the focus on the game’s fun, with players more dedicated to NFTs’ speculative prices instead of enjoying their game as it has been for 12 years.

They also revealed being against NFTs due to issues of scams and hacking that companies managing these assets have seen, which makes the tokens susceptible to disappearing without a trace.

That has occurred in most cryptocurrency games that utilize NFT and blockchain technology to attract individuals via the P2E mode.

The Door Isn’t Shut Forever

Though Minecraft creators appear adamantly against incorporating blockchain technology, they revealed about evaluating its evolution with time to see whether future integration could be beneficial or attractive. Nevertheless, it will take time to attain such a goal.

The unexpected decision by Mojang Studios is already triggering havoc on projects tailored to the Minecraft environment. NFTWorld is among them. This project had no ussies with the creators and kept top-notch communication.

Meanwhile, NFTWorld’s native crypto lost over 58% hours after the Minecraft declaration. That caused uncertainty among gamers as they don’t know what the future holds for the game.

What are your thoughts about Minecraft withdrawing its support for in-game NFT? You can use the comment section below to share your opinions.

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